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Request for Information

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

Hello everyone,

I’d first like to thank everyone who responded to our son, John’s letter last month.  For those of you who don’t know John is eight years old and misses his sister, Nadia very much.  He’s been doing all he knows how to do to help find her.  Last month he decided to write a letter to the public to let you all know how he feels.  Many letters in response came pouring in.  He was overwhelmed by the number of people who sent him emails and he took care to respond to each of them.    Thank you all for writing him. Your thoughtful gestures have warmed his heart.  

Our daughter, Nadia has been missing 16 months today.  It’s so hard to believe she has been away so long…so long away from us…so long away from her son now almost 2 and 1/2 years old (almost 1 and 1/2 years since he’s seen his mommy).   

Private, professional searches continue in Alabama for Nadia and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Homewood Alabama Police Department (PD) are following up on leads to Nadia’s whereabouts as they continue to come in.  We’re so grateful to the people who have made the call to the Homewood PD with information about Nadia.  

Someone called the Homewood PD hotline last December with significant credible information about Nadia’s case. However, the caller did not leave their contact information for the police to speak with them.  As a grieving family we call upon you once again to PLEASE call the Homewood PD again at (205)332-6363.  The police need to speak to you.  The lead detective in Nadia’s case is Doug Finch.  We all need your piece of the story to find Nadia and we need your information to bring her home…we miss her terribly and our grandson desperately needs his mommy.  PLEASE call (205) 332-6363.

After a number of failed attempts over the years we finally located Nadia’s Russian sister, Svetlana in Russia.  Nadia always spoke fondly of her and felt closest to her of all her Russian siblings.  Svetlana is aware Nadia is missing and has a son.  Sadly, we had hoped our contact with her would’ve carried happier news.

The “person of interest” in Nadia’s case continues to be the main focus of the Homewood PD.  It is our belief that others may have contributed to her disappearance as well by exploiting her naivety, good nature and trustworthiness. 

Given all, we call upon you once again to help us find Nadia.  If you have any information please either call the Homewood PD at (205) 332-6363 or contact us through this website.  We desperately need your help.

Thank you everyone as we continue our search for Nadia and press for a better future for our grandson.

In His love,

Nancy Kersh

Warm Wishes for Christmas and This Holiday Season

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

Hello everyone,

Nadia has been missing 13 months today and we miss her more than ever. 

More leads continue to come in as we wait for the FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia to complete the DNA analysis in her case.  I never realized the process would take this long…it’s been a lesson on patience for us and all concerned.

I’d like for everyone to know that although it’s been over a year since Nadia disappeared, private professional searches continue in hopes of finding her.  These outstanding search and rescue teams are made up of highly trained volunteers who work in tandum with the Homewood, AL Police Department and the FBI.  They have donated countless hours of their time looking for her.  We couldn’t be more grateful for their continued  efforts and commitment.

It is the beginning of Advent and with that comes hope as we prepare to celebrate the birthday of our Savior.  With open hearts we pray that maybe this month we will find Nadia and bring her home where she belongs.  Wouldn’t that be the greatest gift we could all give our grandson (Nadia’s baby)?  …to find his mommy? 

To all of you who have been faithful in following Nadia’s story and have been supportive of our efforts to find her, thank you for your endurance as the authorities continue to piece her case together…and it is coming together.  The Lord asks us to be patient and accept His peace.  And so we need to be while the people He has put in our path work to help us find Nadia and bring a brighter future to our grandson. 

Thank you all once again for being there for us as we continue our journey forward.

Wishing you all a blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with peace and joyfulness.

In His Name,

The Kersh Family

Remembrance for Nadia

Monday, November 16th, 2009

Hello everyone,

The one year remembrance for Nadia on the 3rd of this month was just wonderful!  We were very touched by the dedicated people who came out to remember her and so thankful for the team who was responsible for orchestrating the event. We’d like to thank Nadia’s friends from school who provided inspirational support to us with their kind words of remembrance.  Special thanks to the Homewood Police Department, Walker County Search and Rescue and Mayor McBrayer.  It was good to meet someone new from her work as well…we were so glad you came. 

Each time Nadia’s story is captured by the media (See ABC Video) new leads are generated and this event was no different.  We’re so grateful for those who called in to the Homewood Police Department tip line (205) 332-6262.  One individual called with very credible information but did not leave a way for the PD to contact them.  Please, if you would, call Homewood PD again!  They very much want to talk to you!!

I feel compelled to mention that sadly there’s been a group of people who have tried to compromise our events for Nadia.  This group has attempted to derail our efforts to find our daughter and our efforts to provide a better future for our grandson.  To those of you who are involved in this group, please know you are welcome to attend events for Nadia and participate in efforts to find her, but if you are truly Nadia’s friends and love her as we do you would not taint her memory by casting a dark shadow over it.  

To the people who have taken Nadia’s belongings we’d like you to know we harbor no ill feelings.  Eventhough some of those things were gifts from us and her little brother, we have all we need.  Please feel free to keep her items since they have importance to you. 

To all the lovely people who have supported us along the way, thank you so much.  Joey, I’ve received your email and know you and the good people of Australia are thinking of us as we continue to move forward in our attempts to find Nadia.  To family and friends in Europe, we know you have been with us from the start. To our friends in Guam, Figi, China, Korea, Azores and Thailand, thank you for your continued support.  To all family and friends in CONUS (stateside) we appreciate your friendship and thoughtfulness.  To the people of Faith Chapel Christian Center, thank you for inviting us to worship with you and to be part of your family.  To Nadia’s good friends from school, thank you for holding her close and not forgetting her.  To Angie, thank you for setting up a Facebook site for Nadia.  To those I have not mentioned, thank you for staying by our side as we continue our search.  What a great tribute you all are to Nadia!

If you have ANY information about ANY aspect of Nadia’s life or her disappearance, please do not hesitate to contact the Homewood PD at (205) 332-6262.  You can also contact us in confidence at this website.  Please do so and let us know your story.  Your story could provide the piece that leads us to find her. 

All the Lord’s blessings to you,

Nancy Kersh 

One year remembrance for Nadia on Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Hello everyone,

I’m heading down to Alabama soon to be closer to Nadia and to join in a remembrance for her on the one year anniversary of her disappearance (3 November 2008).  I’m hoping some of Nadi’s friends from Alabama will be there and will help us in our efforts to search for her.  I understand the event will have a candlelight ceremony, music, warm beverages for a chilly night, etc.  There will also be a variety of speakers.  I’m looking forward to talking about Nadi and sharing pictures with those who come.  I’m grateful for the folks who volunteered their time to make this event happen.  We are extremely appreciative for their efforts.  The location of Nadia’s remembrance is Soho Plaza directly outside Homewood City Hall.  Activites begin at 6pm with a candlelight ceremony at 7pm.  Please come as you are able.

As always, you can reach us through this website with your comments.

Warm blessings to you all,

Nancy Kersh

Nadia Missing 11 Months Today

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

Nadia Running at Rio Grande

Hello Everyone,

It’s so very hard to believe it has been 11 months now since Nadia has disappeared.  Each day we wake up and are reminded that she is not here.  We all miss her so much! 

I will tell you that amidst the pain of not being able to see her, to touch her and tell her that we love her, it warms my heart to know searches for her continue yet again this month.  We’re extremely grateful to those who dedicate their time to search and the Homewood Police Department for their diligent support in these efforts.  We will find you Nadia, in time we will!  It is the greatest gift we can give your little man…that is to find his Mommy.

The Homewood Police Department have followed up on leads…each adding another piece to the overall puzzle of what happened to Nadi.  They are still waiting for lab results to arrive from the FBI lab in Quantico, VA.  I was once told, “Homewood does not give up (on a case) no matter how long it takes.” and I can see that to be true.   

In August we took part in a great event to acknowledge missing persons. It was a spiritual experience just to take in and realize the number of people (close to 100) in the Birmingham, Alabama area alone who have been reported missing, unidentified or missing/victims of crime. The images of the vast number of posters set up in Oak Mountain Park on 19 August representing each affected individual still haunts me.  Each day as we lift up our prayers to the Lord we hold those loved ones close in our hearts.  

Next month is the one year anniversary of Nadia’s disappearance and we’ve been invited to take part in a remembrance for her.  It is tentatively scheduled for 3 November at 6pm in Soho Plaza outside City Hall in Homewood, Alabama.  It’s difficult for us to think so much time has already gone by and there is still no sign of Nadia.  Our greatest hope is that we will find her before then. 

Nadi,  We’re trying to find Svetlana to let her know what has happened to you.  It’s time and I know you would want her to know.

Thank you all for staying with us as we continue to search for our daughter.  Our healing will never be complete without seeing her or knowing where she is. 

The Lord’s blessings to all of you.

Kevin, Nancy, Ryan, John and Charlize Kersh  

Nadia Missing 10 Months Today

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

On the Road to Remember

Hello everyone,

We had a special event this past month honoring all missing persons, those yet unidentified and missing/victims of crime.  The Community for United Effort for Missing Persons stopped by Oak Mountain Park in Pelham, Alabama on 19 August on their On the Road to Remember Tour.  All missing persons from the local area were recognized, each victim having their picture displayed with a synopsis of the circumstances surrounding their disapperance.  The missing are from every race and every walk of life.  We were all stunned by the shear number of poster pictures of those missing, unidentified and missing/victims of crime.  There were approximately 100 posters from the Birmingham, Alabama area alone.  It was a very sobering experience just to be there.  A number of people spoke from Birmingham and the surrounding areas including representatives from the Birmingham PD, Homewood PD, search and rescue teams and others.

Nadia was one of the featured cases.  It gave us an opportunity to share her story and some pictures of her growing up. Several people commented that they knew she’s a mother but it hadn’t occurred to them that she is also a cousin, a granddaughter, a (soon to be) sister in-law and a sister.  We shared words from her grandma, her grandpas, her brothers and Kevin and I.  It was good to see dear friends who had made the drive to Pelham, AL to support all of us.  We’re extremely grateful for all who were able to take a moment out of their day to join us.  

We’ve been missing Nadi for 10 months now.  So many families have been missing their loved ones so much longer than that.  I can’t begin to imagine carrying such a heavy heart for so long.  Our love goes out to you.

Nadia’s criminal case continues to move forward as more leads come in and the authorities move closer to completing the picture of what happened to her and if she may still, after all this time, be alive.  For this we hold out hope.  Thank you all for your thoughtfulness and your continued support as we move forward ever closer to finding you, Nadia.

The Lord’s blessings to you all,

Kevin, Nancy, Ryan, John and Charlize

For more On the Road to Remember Tour  stop in Alabama, Click Here

Nadia Missing Nine Months Today

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Hello everyone,

Today Nadia has been missing nine months.  The announcement of an increase in the reward monies last month for information leading to her whereabouts has brought about more leads in her case for which we are extremely grateful.  The authorities are following up on those leads as more continue to come in.  The FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia is working very hard on the massive amount of evidence sent to them over time…each piece adding to the overall puzzle of her disappearance.

As a family we continue to wait as pieces fall into place in the case.  This should not discourage those of you who are sitting on the fence holding a piece of information to Nadia’s disappearance to come forward.  You could hold that piece that brings all other pieces together helping the authorities find her and bringing closure for us.  If you believe you have any information relating to Nadia’s case no matter how insignificant, please come forward and contact the Homewood Police Department in Homewood, Alabama at (205) 332-6262.

On 19 August, the Community of United Effort for Missing Persons will take their Road to Remember Tour to Oak Mountain Park in Pelham, AL beginning at 12:00 noon.  Nadia’s case will be one of several missing persons’ cases remembered that day.  In the past the Road to Remember Tour has spawned new investigations which found numerous missing persons and in one case solved a 30-year old cold case.  If you have any interest in helping to find any of the missing persons, I urge you to come and attend this special event.  More information is at

Thank you all for being so patient and giving us your unconditional support as we piece together Nadia’s case.  Words alone cannot thank you enough for all your help.  May the Lord bless you all.

In His Joy,

Kevin, Nancy, Ryan, John and Charlize

Nadia Missing 8 Months Today

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Nadia and Grandpa at Beach 

Some say over time things get easier.  I can tell you they do not.  It has been eight months now since our daughter Nadia disappeared.  Our loss is as great now as it was when we first heard she went missing.

 It was 6 November when the Homewood detective called us at home.  I answered the phone.  The detective asked if I was Nancy Kersh and then if I was the mother of Nadia Kersh.  I told him I was as I felt my heart sink and my mind began to race as fear overcame me.  He said what every mother fears, “We’re investigating a missing persons report; your daughter, Nadia has been reported missing.”  For a time I couldn’t seem to catch my breath, my heart raced on as I struggled for words.  I remember saying, “Excuse me?”  The detective was gracious and patient.  He said again, “Nadia has been reported missing.”  I felt weak and lightheaded and struggled to talk.  I was in a state of shock and disbelief and managed to say, “Please let me tell my husband.”  He was at work and the news would devastate him.

As I hung up the phone I remember thinking, how could this be?  I called Kevin at work and left a message for him to call home.  While I waited for his call, I tried to collect myself and my thoughts.  I asked again, “How can this be?”  I decided to Google Nadia’s name on my laptop.  Maybe she was in an accident, maybe she was just lost, maybe she was hurt and in a hospital somewhere.  Up came her driver’s license picture and captions that said she was a 23 year old mother missing in Homewood, AL.  I felt my head spin.  There she was.  She had been missing since Monday, three days earlier. 

I asked the Lord to bring peace to my heart as I struggled to make sense of the situation.  I began to think about our last conversation and how happy she was to be able to come and visit us in a couple of weeks.   She talked about wanting to move from Alabama, that she needed to get away, she wanted to start over.  She asked if she could come home for a while.  We said yes, of course.  We told her we could talk more about it when she came.  She was so excited about coming to see us all and we couldn’t wait to see her and the baby. 

Because we’re in the military and were stationed far overseas, I hadn’t seen Nadia for some time.  I had yet to meet the baby.  Kevin was fortunate having had business trips back to the states which gave him an opportunity to stop by to see her.  He last visited with her last August on a trip through Birmingham, AL.  They had dinner at Olive Garden before he continued on his trip north to Washington, DC.  As always, she sent her love.

By August I was also back in the states but decided to visit my father who was terminally ill.  We didn’t know how long he had and I wanted to spend that time with him.  I’m glad I did…he passed three weeks after Nadia disappeared. (Picture is of him and Nadia)

Today marks eight months since Nadia went missing.  Losing her was the last thing I could’ve ever imagined.  Some say over time things get easier.   All I know is that the hurt doesn’t go away…the emptiness doesn’t go away.  There is a void in our lives where Nadia’s tiny voice seems to call out, “I love you mom and pop and don’t you forget it.”  I want you to know we haven’t , Nadia…we haven’t.  We will never stop loving you and we will never stop looking for you.

As you read this, if you have any information on Nadia’s whereabouts please call the Homewood Police Department on their hotline at (205) 332-6262.  Please help us find her.

(Comments can be viewed under the “Comments” link.)

Blessings to all of you who have supported the search efforts for Nadia. 

God’s Peace,

Kevin, Nancy, Ryan, John and Charlize

Nadia Missing 7 Months

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Nadia Kersh 

Hello everyone,

Yesterday was seven months since Nadia went missing in Homewood, Alabama.  It’s hard to believe it’s been over half a year.  It’s seems like a moment ago when we spoke about her coming to visit us in November…she was so excited.  It was going to be a long awaited reunion. 

Since we lived overseas we hadn’t seen Nadia for a couple of years.  We had talked about getting together sooner but because of other commitments it was difficult to get away and the trip from overseas was over 20 hours from time of departure to landing in the US.  So we kept postponing our visits until we moved back to the states, had our household goods shipped and unpacked in our new house.  Thanksgiving seemed like the optimal time to get together with Nadia and the baby.  As you know she didn’t make it and went missing on 3 November 08. 

As I’ve told some of Nadia’s friends, if you haven’t seen your parents, brother, sisters and/or other loved ones in some time, take the time to do so.  The moments we take for granted everyday go by for most of us unnoticed.  It only takes one of those moments to remove someone we love from our lives.  Try not to take people for granted and cherish every moment…you never know when your life could change forever by missing someone you love. 

There have been a number of times over the past several months when I find myself reaching for the phone to call Nadia and realize suddenly that she isn’t there.  I wonder where she is and if she might still be here with us somewhere waiting for us to find her. 

The Homewood police have been extremely helpful and continue to build a case against a prime suspect.  We are still waiting for DNA analysis to return from the FBI lab in Quantico, VA.  It has taken a long time for results to come in but I understand the FBI have been given a large amount of evidence and it takes time to analyze it all. 

Kevin and I would like to thank you all for your support as we continue our search for Nadia.  If you have any information about Nadia please, please call the Homewood, Alabama Police Department tip line at (205) 332-6262.  The reward for information leading to her whereabouts is $45,000.  Please help us find her.

Blessings to you,

Nancy Kersh

Nadia Missing 6 Months

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Hello everyone,

Tomorrow marks six months that our daughter, Nadia has been missing.  It’s too painful to think about writing to you tomorrow for I can only believe that I’ll be flooded with wonderful memories of her…we miss her terribly.  It’s still too hard for us to accept that she is not here.  It seems like only yesterday when we spoke to her about coming up with our grandson to spend Thanksgiving week with us.  She was finally coming home after we had been away in the Pacific for the past two years.  She told us she couldn’t wait to see us and her brother, John…I remembered she was so excited…so excited to show us how much our grandson had grown!  We miss her…we miss her silly tiny laugh and her carefree way of thinking…nothing seems too serious to her…life is always positive. 

Last week we drove 14 hours to visit Alabama.  While there we met with the authorities and took time to answer questions for Fox 6 news out of Birmingham.  (We will post this interview soon.)  Our greatest regret is that we were unable to visit with our grandson.  We’re very much hoping next time a visit with him can be arranged…it’s been a long time since we’ve seen him.  We wonder how he is doing and how much he’s grown.  We wish Nadia could be here for him.  We just can’t imagine how much he misses his mommy.

We’ve been told there are still negative rumors about us circulating.  Please let us assure you these rumors are fabricated and false.  As you know, preadoption Nadia suffered tremendous trauma while living in Russia.  As a direct result of this, many stories of trauma have been transposed and misunderstood.  Nadia had been able to overcome a lot of her pass when she accepted the Lord into her life but the trauma left an undeniable scar.   Yet, she continued with a loving heart and was courageous in all she did to make a life for herself and her son.  We’re very proud of her.

The last public search for Nadia was 3 April.  However, this has not precluded private searches from being done.  As I understand searches for her continue as I write.  We are extremely grateful for those individuals and teams who continue to give of their time and resources to help us find Nadia.  Thank you for not giving up hope as we have not given up…and never will.

Thank you, Joey and friends for keeping the fires burning for Nadia in Australia.  It warms our hearts to hear her story has reached the other side of the world.  Thank you to our friends in Europe and the Pacific who have kept Nadia in your hearts.  Thank you all for remembering Nadia as we come upon the six month mark of her disappearance. 

We give praises to the Lord for giving us peace of heart during this time.  It’s with His loving kindness and strength that we move forward day to day.  He helps take away our worries and anxieties of things we cannot control.  Praise be to Him. 

I’d like to mention we met a special person of great faith during our trip to Alabama and we understand there are other people of the same lifting us up, lifting Nadia’s situation up, lifting our grandson’s situation up to the Lord.  We’re very grateful for all of you who continue to hold us all in your thoughts and prayers. 

Thank you Barber’s Dairy and the Governor Bob Riley for contributing a second time towards the reward monies for information leading to Nadia’s whereabouts.  We ask again for more information to help us find Nadia.  We know there are people out there who have information.  Please ask the Lord for strength to come forward and share your story with the Homewood Police Department no matter how trivial it may seem.  Every piece of information that comes in adds to the overall picture of what happened to Nadia.  Please help us find her.  The reward monies are at $45,000 and the Homewood PD tip line is always open at (205) 332-6262.  Please call and help us find closure. 

May the Lord’s blessings grace your lives,

Nancy Kersh