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Nadia Missing 8 Months Today

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

Nadia and Grandpa at Beach 

Some say over time things get easier.  I can tell you they do not.  It has been eight months now since our daughter Nadia disappeared.  Our loss is as great now as it was when we first heard she went missing.

 It was 6 November when the Homewood detective called us at home.  I answered the phone.  The detective asked if I was Nancy Kersh and then if I was the mother of Nadia Kersh.  I told him I was as I felt my heart sink and my mind began to race as fear overcame me.  He said what every mother fears, “We’re investigating a missing persons report; your daughter, Nadia has been reported missing.”  For a time I couldn’t seem to catch my breath, my heart raced on as I struggled for words.  I remember saying, “Excuse me?”  The detective was gracious and patient.  He said again, “Nadia has been reported missing.”  I felt weak and lightheaded and struggled to talk.  I was in a state of shock and disbelief and managed to say, “Please let me tell my husband.”  He was at work and the news would devastate him.

As I hung up the phone I remember thinking, how could this be?  I called Kevin at work and left a message for him to call home.  While I waited for his call, I tried to collect myself and my thoughts.  I asked again, “How can this be?”  I decided to Google Nadia’s name on my laptop.  Maybe she was in an accident, maybe she was just lost, maybe she was hurt and in a hospital somewhere.  Up came her driver’s license picture and captions that said she was a 23 year old mother missing in Homewood, AL.  I felt my head spin.  There she was.  She had been missing since Monday, three days earlier. 

I asked the Lord to bring peace to my heart as I struggled to make sense of the situation.  I began to think about our last conversation and how happy she was to be able to come and visit us in a couple of weeks.   She talked about wanting to move from Alabama, that she needed to get away, she wanted to start over.  She asked if she could come home for a while.  We said yes, of course.  We told her we could talk more about it when she came.  She was so excited about coming to see us all and we couldn’t wait to see her and the baby. 

Because we’re in the military and were stationed far overseas, I hadn’t seen Nadia for some time.  I had yet to meet the baby.  Kevin was fortunate having had business trips back to the states which gave him an opportunity to stop by to see her.  He last visited with her last August on a trip through Birmingham, AL.  They had dinner at Olive Garden before he continued on his trip north to Washington, DC.  As always, she sent her love.

By August I was also back in the states but decided to visit my father who was terminally ill.  We didn’t know how long he had and I wanted to spend that time with him.  I’m glad I did…he passed three weeks after Nadia disappeared. (Picture is of him and Nadia)

Today marks eight months since Nadia went missing.  Losing her was the last thing I could’ve ever imagined.  Some say over time things get easier.   All I know is that the hurt doesn’t go away…the emptiness doesn’t go away.  There is a void in our lives where Nadia’s tiny voice seems to call out, “I love you mom and pop and don’t you forget it.”  I want you to know we haven’t , Nadia…we haven’t.  We will never stop loving you and we will never stop looking for you.

As you read this, if you have any information on Nadia’s whereabouts please call the Homewood Police Department on their hotline at (205) 332-6262.  Please help us find her.

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Blessings to all of you who have supported the search efforts for Nadia. 

God’s Peace,

Kevin, Nancy, Ryan, John and Charlize

Nadia Missing 6 Months

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

Hello everyone,

Tomorrow marks six months that our daughter, Nadia has been missing.  It’s too painful to think about writing to you tomorrow for I can only believe that I’ll be flooded with wonderful memories of her…we miss her terribly.  It’s still too hard for us to accept that she is not here.  It seems like only yesterday when we spoke to her about coming up with our grandson to spend Thanksgiving week with us.  She was finally coming home after we had been away in the Pacific for the past two years.  She told us she couldn’t wait to see us and her brother, John…I remembered she was so excited…so excited to show us how much our grandson had grown!  We miss her…we miss her silly tiny laugh and her carefree way of thinking…nothing seems too serious to her…life is always positive. 

Last week we drove 14 hours to visit Alabama.  While there we met with the authorities and took time to answer questions for Fox 6 news out of Birmingham.  (We will post this interview soon.)  Our greatest regret is that we were unable to visit with our grandson.  We’re very much hoping next time a visit with him can be arranged…it’s been a long time since we’ve seen him.  We wonder how he is doing and how much he’s grown.  We wish Nadia could be here for him.  We just can’t imagine how much he misses his mommy.

We’ve been told there are still negative rumors about us circulating.  Please let us assure you these rumors are fabricated and false.  As you know, preadoption Nadia suffered tremendous trauma while living in Russia.  As a direct result of this, many stories of trauma have been transposed and misunderstood.  Nadia had been able to overcome a lot of her pass when she accepted the Lord into her life but the trauma left an undeniable scar.   Yet, she continued with a loving heart and was courageous in all she did to make a life for herself and her son.  We’re very proud of her.

The last public search for Nadia was 3 April.  However, this has not precluded private searches from being done.  As I understand searches for her continue as I write.  We are extremely grateful for those individuals and teams who continue to give of their time and resources to help us find Nadia.  Thank you for not giving up hope as we have not given up…and never will.

Thank you, Joey and friends for keeping the fires burning for Nadia in Australia.  It warms our hearts to hear her story has reached the other side of the world.  Thank you to our friends in Europe and the Pacific who have kept Nadia in your hearts.  Thank you all for remembering Nadia as we come upon the six month mark of her disappearance. 

We give praises to the Lord for giving us peace of heart during this time.  It’s with His loving kindness and strength that we move forward day to day.  He helps take away our worries and anxieties of things we cannot control.  Praise be to Him. 

I’d like to mention we met a special person of great faith during our trip to Alabama and we understand there are other people of the same lifting us up, lifting Nadia’s situation up, lifting our grandson’s situation up to the Lord.  We’re very grateful for all of you who continue to hold us all in your thoughts and prayers. 

Thank you Barber’s Dairy and the Governor Bob Riley for contributing a second time towards the reward monies for information leading to Nadia’s whereabouts.  We ask again for more information to help us find Nadia.  We know there are people out there who have information.  Please ask the Lord for strength to come forward and share your story with the Homewood Police Department no matter how trivial it may seem.  Every piece of information that comes in adds to the overall picture of what happened to Nadia.  Please help us find her.  The reward monies are at $45,000 and the Homewood PD tip line is always open at (205) 332-6262.  Please call and help us find closure. 

May the Lord’s blessings grace your lives,

Nancy Kersh

Thank You to Those Who Joined the Search

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Hello everyone,


On Friday, April 3rd, a search for our daughter, Nadia was lead by the Homewood, AL Police Department.  There were so many dog teams and law enforcement personnel along with search and rescue teams they expanded the search to cover more territory than anticipated.  In addition, a Search and Rescue team from Maine and South Georgia stayed through Saturday and searched additional areas along with members of the Homewood PD.  All in all search teams were on the ground for four days.  Although Nadia was not found on this search, many places were eliminated as possible areas of her whereabouts.  In addition more leads were generated and the Homewood PD are aggressively following up on them.


Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, my family and I were unable to attend this search but our hearts were with the those who volunteered their efforts and resources to find her.  Nadia has left us with a void in our hearts that no one else can fill.  We face each day in unbelief that she is still missing.  It’s difficult for us to believe that our grandson is without his mother…he needs her, he needs his mom, he needs Nadia.  And so we continue in our efforts to find her. 


We’d like to thank our dear friend, Laura for taking the time to visit the command center on Friday of the search and express our gratitude for all the volunteers who came out to search for Nadia.  Our gratefulness and appreciation goes out to the searchers and their families who gave of themselves to help us find our beloved daughter, Nadia.  We miss her more than words can say.


If there is anyone who has additional information on her whereabouts please come forward and speak with the Homewood PD.  Their tip line is (205) 332-6262.  Please call and help us find Nadia.  With recent contributions from the State of Alabama and Barber’s Dairy of Homewood, AL the reward monies for information leading to her whereabouts has increased to $45,000.


Mear words cannot thank those who have come forward with information.  Every bit adds another piece to the puzzle of where Nadia is.  Thank you on behalf of our entire family.


In His Name,

Nancy Kersh


Tuesday, March 24th, 2009

Hello everyone,

We’d like to thank everyone who has sent us comments via Nadia’s website.  Out of respect for your privacy we will not post your blogs unless you give us permission.

There has been news on Nadia’s case.  The Homewood Police Department of Alabama plan to hold a press conference possibly as early as today.  The local Birmingham, Alabama news stations are expected to carry coverage of releases.  After the press release is made we will post it on this website. 

The Homewood PD have been working diligently on Nadia’s case from the start.  They continue to build a criminal case against a 27 year old man from Irondale, Alabama.  Anyone who believes they may have information about Nadia, please contact the Homewood PD on their tip line at (205) 332-6262.  If you prefer to send us an email on this site, please do so. 

Our hearts long for Nadia.  We hope to bring her home soon.  Please help us in our search. 

In His name,

The Kersh family