Fundraiser Disclaimer

Hello everyone and especially the good people of Alabama,

As Nadia’s family we would like to alert you to an issue that has troubled us for some time.  There have been a number of money raising events held in Alabama since our daughter, Nadia Kersh’s disappearance on 3 November 2008.  These events have claimed to be for the benefit of Nadia and/or our grandson (Nadia’s two year old son). 

We would like for you to know that we have either been misled by previous event promoters or we have not been involved in the fundraising activity.  As Nadia’s family we have not benefited from these fundraisers in any way.  No monies have gone to support efforts to find our daughter or to support our grandson.    

In addition, we understand one fundraiser held last year pocketed all the proceeds.  Please be aware. We want you to know that if a specific fundraiser is not advertised by us on this website, it is not sanctioned by our family.  As Nadia’s family we feel compelled to write and clear this matter before more people may be misled or potentially exploited. 

Many thanks to you all as we continue our quest to find Nadia and work hard towards bringing a better future for our grandson.

Warm blessings to you this New Year,

Nancy for all the family

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  1. blueplehd says:

    Hello to Nadia’s family. My name is Heather Dallass and I went to Victory Christian Academy with Nadia. I just found this website and I am heart broken as well. All of you will be in my prayer every night. I just had to write you and tell you what a wonderful person she was to me in my time spent in the school. Her smile would light up the whole room every time. One of the kindest persons I have ever met. I hope to keep in touch. My e-mail is Love and Prayers, Heather.

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