Hello everyone,

Our family is preparing for the celebration of Christmas and once again it is without our daughter Nadia who disappeared on November 3, 2008 and her son who was lost to us at that time as well.  We ask you not to forget them and keep them in your hearts as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. It is with your continued support that we proceed in our search efforts to find our daughter Nadia. It is with your continued support that we proceed with love and commitment to try and bring our grandson home.

We love our grandson dearly and miss him everyday. We want him home with us as Nadi had planned before she vanished. Since then we have not given anyone our blessings to provide a home for him nor adopt him.  Nadia will always be his mama…no one could ever take her place.  I can only imagine as a little boy he’s confused and lost in a complicated Alabama system.  It must be a terribly frightful human experience for anyone to endure…we worry about him endlessly.  Please hold him close and pray the Lord will bring him safely home soon.

Proverbs 12:20 encourages the promotion of peace. The writer of Proverbs says, “Truthful lips endure forever.” We remember and keep these messages in mind as we continue in our efforts to find Nadia and bring our “little man” home…these efforts are what we believe are right and good in the Lord’s eyes.  As a Christian mother, father, grandmother, grandfather I believe you would all be called to do the same.

Bless you all and your families.  We hope your Christmas will be filled with wonderous joy and profound peace!!

We look forward to a new year in hopes of reunification of our family!!  Praise be to God!!

In His Name,

Nancy, Kevin, John and Charlize

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