As we continue our search…

Hello friends and followers,

Last November 2016 on the anniversary of Nadia’s disappearance, I made a public plea for information to help us find her. As her mom I’m asking once again.

If you have any information about any of the people you’ve seen or heard of who were involved with her, whether you feel they are benevolent or not, please come forward and let us know. Some people have presented themselves as Nadia’s adversaries, friends or family members…some of them haven’t been truthful with you. Instead a number of these people (many previously unknown to us) have worked behind the scenes to hamper our search efforts and/or tried to cause us harm.

Perhaps their efforts were meant to create a diversion to throw us off a clue to help find Nadia. Perhaps they were an attempt to help them maintain control over Nadia’s son. Perhaps it was for monetary gain. Perhaps it served to place them in the limelight for a brief “moment of fame”.

Nadia’s dad and I are the ones who continue to actively search for her. And so I ask you to hear our words. Please come forward with any information you may have regarding the people Nadia socialized with while she lived in Alabama. This could mean anyone she spoke to by phone, media or in person. Maybe Nadia told you something. Maybe you saw or overheard something. I ask you to come forward with any information…any information at all. You can reach us (Nadia’s mom and dad) through this website or you may contact Crime Stoppers at (205) 254-7777 and leave a tip or ask to speak to Jim Neill in confidence.

Thank you all for your interest and help,
Nancy Kersh

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