3 March 2009

Hello everyone,

We would like to thank those who have contacted us about our daughter, Nadia.  Out of respect for your request of privacy we have not posted those emails.  Thank you so much for your interest in helping us find her; it means a great deal to our family.

As we search for Nadia, the Homewood Police Department continues to build a case against a number one suspect, a 27 year old man from Irondale, AL.  They receive new information about her case on a regular basis.  We continue to wait for DNA analysis results from the FBI crime lab.  Apparently this is an extremely labor intensive process particularly given the large amount of evidence sent to them for analysis.  It’s difficult to wait but we realize we need to be patient.

We are also trying to gain custody of our one year old grandson (Nadia’s baby).  He has been in temporary custody of a friend of Nadia’s since 5 November…two days after Nadia disappeared and before we were told of her disappearance. The process is very slow and it will take until mid-summer until we may be allowed to voice our request in court.  Our seven year old son says that our grandson is a special nephew to him and that he will teach him the Ten Commandments and how to follow God when he comes home.  Our grandson is a precious biracial little man.  For those of you who may have heard negative rumors about us, please understand that we love our grandson and race does not play a role in love.  (We believe we may have been confused with someone else.) 

We pray for those who have received misinformation and/or have false preconceptions about us.  We ask the Lord to soften your hearts and understand that we are a grieving family still looking for our daughter and hoping to bring our grandson home.  If you feel wronged, we ask for your forgiveness.  We pray for our grandson that he may be reunited with us soon.  It’s been a long wait for him and us.  We pray for Nadia and hope to find her as soon as we possibly can.  Today marks four months that she’s been missing.  It’s hard to believe she’s not here to talk to.  We miss her tiny voice, her carefree attitude and her gregarious laugh.  Her son needs to know where his mommy is and we want to find her too.  Our number one desire is to find her and bring her home to rest.  We’ve not stopped searching…and we never will.  We ask everyone to appeal to your hearts and help us find her.  We know there are people who have information leading to her whereabouts.  We ask you to come forward.  You can contact the Homewood Police Department in Alabama or you can contact us directly on this website.  We welcome you.

We will periodically post new information and ask that you return and visit Nadia’s site.  Please help us find her.

Kevin, Nancy and John Kersh

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  1. Joey says:

    I have tried finding an email address for Mr & Mrs Kersh,but can’t find one, so I hope this comment reaches you!
    To Nadia’s family: I am writing from Australia and Nadia’s case has reached this far around the world! I have followed it from the beginning, and wish to send much love to you all.
    May you receive the closure you need, and please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you all, from as far away as here. I pray Nadia is found safe and reunited with her beautiful son!
    Yes, there have been many rumours on various sites,so it’s hard to know who to believe,but PLEASE stay strong. The media often gets it wrong (I’m a journalist) and that’s terrible,and please do keep us updated on the search for beautiful Nadia.
    Much love & prayers to Kevin,Nancy,John,Christopher and the Kersh family.
    Miss Joey xoxo

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