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Someone out there knows where Nadia is

Monday, August 6th, 2012

We know there is someone out there who knows where our daughter Nadia is and what happened to her (missing 3 November, 2008).  We know there were people around her the day and approximate time she disappeared.  It was, afterall, mid-day on a Monday in the “family-friendly” town of Homewood, AL…within close proximity of the Homewood Police Department and the Mayor’s office…in plain sight of someone.  We are aware someone must’ve seen or heard something.  My question is, why don’t you come forward and let us know what happened to her? Why don’t you come forward and let us know what you witnessed?  Why don’t you come forward and let us know where she is?

Nadia would just not disappear voluntarily…she has a young son (now four years old) who was one year old at the time of her disappearance.  Pictures she sent us of him and her showed us nothing but her intense love for her son. Her phone calls to us during the months before her disappearance were about how much she missed us and her plans to move home to us with her baby .  At the time, she had difficulty getting time off from her work at Tria Market (closed two months after Nadia disappeared) in Homewood, AL, although she hadn’t taken time off in three years.  With coaching from us and her own determination she was able to convince her boss at Tria Market to let her take off one week.  She had planned to come home to us in Virginia and not return to Alabama.  She asked us not to tell anyone.  We have been holding on hoping someone will come forward with information about Nadia’s situation that would help us understand what happened to her.  Why would she ask us not to tell anyone she was moving home? What was she afraid of?  If you know or have any theories about what may have happened to her, please let us know.  You can reach us through this website or you can call the search team directly at (205) 305 – 6555.

We continue to hope each day we will find Nadia.  In the meanwhile, we ask the Lord to watch over her and give her peace.

Thank you all who have followed this blog and have supported us along the way.

In His Service,


Looking for Answers

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

Mother & Daughter

Hello everyone,

Our daughter Nadia Kersh vanished after she left work for lunch on Monday, 3 November 2008.  We miss her so very much!!!

Nadie where are you? Nad?  I ask myself that question each and everyday as an eternal emptiness surrounds me reminding me she is not here.  I turn to her son who will be four soon and want to tell him about what has happened to his mama but I don’t know that answer.  Nadia’s brother John frequently asks Kevin and I about the searches for his sister and whether the volunteer searchers have found any sign of his beloved sister as he continues to struggle with her disappearance.  With grief and heartache we continue to look for answers about what happened to Nadie and where she is.

The accumulation of persistent torrential rains of last weekend and the week before have delayed a search for Nadie this weekend, although others (not dependent upon the weather) will continue as planned.  We are extremely grateful not only for the search and rescue crews but also private/commercial property owners who have given us access to their land, loaned us equipment and personnel in our search for her.  This great outpour of generosity from empathetic people and blessed more who have given of themselves over time is overwhelming to take in all at once and has often brought me to my knees in thanks to our Lord for putting them in our path in hopes of finding our loving daughter Nadia.

Nadie where are you?  Mom is here.  Your pop, John, Charlie and I are here.  Your little man is waiting for his mommy…he’s waiting for you.  We’re all here waiting for you to come home.

On behalf of our family I ask people of the Birmingham, Alabama area again to please come forward if you have any information about our daughter Nadia’s whereabouts.  You can reach us directly through this website, contact Central Alabama Search and Rescue at 205 915 8936 or Homewood Police Department at 205 332 6262

Someone called Homewood Police Department many months ago with a “credible lead”.  I believe you know who you are.  Please, please call once again and leave that information again and any additional information you feel comfortable sharing to help us understand what happened to Nadie and/or where she can be found.  Now is your time to step out of the darkness and shed light on Nadia’s missing person case.  Take hold of courage and come forward.  It will all be okay.

For anyone else who has any information about Nadia’s whereabouts please let us know.  We very desperately want to find her and bring her home.

Thank you all for your prayers as we continue on our search.

Blessings to you all,


Fundraiser Disclaimer

Saturday, January 15th, 2011

Hello everyone,

Last year on January 18, 2009 the Bottletree cafe in Birmingham, AL hosted the “From Birmingham With Love” benefit for Nadia Kersh.  Nadia’s family wants you to know we were not involved with this benefit or any other benefits for Nadia or our grandson (her son).  We do not know what happened to the proceeds from the “From Birmingham With Love” benefit and Homewood (Alabama) P.D. has been made aware.  

Unless an event is promoted on this website, it is not sanctioned by Nadia’s family.  Also, Nadia’s family is in no way affiliated with any type of “college fund” for her son. 

The search for Nadia conducted last weekend brings us closer to finding her. Hopefully this weekend’s search will allow more to surface and reveal even more new information as professional search volunteers continue to press forward.  We’re eternally thankful to all of them.

Thank you all for standing by us as we continue to look for Nadia and work toward bring her son home. 

His Blessings to you all,

Nancy for all

Someone is watching

Saturday, December 11th, 2010


Dearest Nadia,

Since your disappearance on 3 November 2008 we have been searching for you.  Our team of professional volunteers continue to look for you no matter what the weather or geographical conditions.  Our most recent lead brought us to an unusual area; an area searched this past weekend by our team members.  During the search they noticed they were being watched by an unusual presence…a coyote had made himself comfortable as he came to observe the search efforts.  I received the coyote photo the day of the search and felt it noteworthy enough to share with all who read this website.  Nadi, we will not give up looking for you so long as the leads come in my girl!! Love you, Mom

If someone reading this knows any information about Nadia’s whereabouts, please contact us through this website or contact the Homewood P.D. at (205) 332-6262.  We take all leads seriously so please do not hesitate to call or contact us.

In Christ,

Nancy for all

Two Year Remembrance for you Nadia

Thursday, November 4th, 2010


Fox 6 News Link  Nadia Kersh remembered after 2 years missing

November 3, 2010 was the second year remembrance for our daughter, Nadia who disappeared from Homewood, Alabama and has not been seen or heard from since then.  Below are the words shared by our family at her remembrance at Vulcan Park in Birmingham, Alabama later that evening:

It’s been two painfully long years since our daughter Nadia disappeared from Homewood, AL on November 3, 2008 and every day since then we’re reminded she is not here.  Three days after she went missing we were notified of her disappearance.  We lived just outside of Washington D.C. at the time and we were completely overwhelmed by the news.  Questions fired away at us at an alarming rate.  What happened to Nadia?   Where is she?  Where is her son?  Our grandson?  What could possibly have happened?  Today two years later many questions continue to go unanswered.

Albert Einstein was known as one of the most brilliant people in the world.  He once said, “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” 

Well over 1000 people have been reported missing in AL.  Most of them remain missing because those who have information on their whereabouts have been afraid to come forward and have remained silent.  It is this choice of inaction that can damn a community into bondage of secrets, untruths and deception, the greatest tools used against a society creating misery, uncertainty and pain.  That is not what our Lord in heaven would want. 

Our God is not the author of confusion, misery, separation and despair.  He would want you, the people in this community who have clues about what happened to Nadia and where she is to come forward with information concerning her whereabouts to end the darkness, to end the confusion and the mystery of where she is that surrounds us all. 

Most people don’t want to see me here, they don’t want to hear what I have to say because it’s a reminder once again that their children, their siblings, their mother, father, sister, brother could be the next one taken and not heard from again. Each day we as a family are reminded Nadia is not here, each day I look at her picture and tell her we have not given up looking for you.  But still, we need your help.  We need your help to answer some of those unanswered questions.  I ask you good people of Alabama to come forward and give us the information we need to find Nadia and bring her home.  I ask you all who hear this message to ask around Birmingham and the surrounding communities to see if anyone has any information that could help us find Nadia and end this bondage of the unknown, of deception and of secrets.

You can help by calling the Homewood PD on their tip line at (205) 332-6262 with any information that might help us find her.  If you’ve called before and you did not receive a response, don’t be afraid, don’t hesitate and please call again.  All information is so important, so critical. It’s important for us as a family as a society to find the truth, to find Nadia and release this community from the darkness of secrets.

If you’d like to contact us, you can reach us at (repeat) Just register on the site and send an email.

In the meanwhile, we as Nadia’s family and friends won’t stop praying, praising God and looking to Him as our source of strength and hope.  As we do each day we thank the Lord for He is all sovereign and we know He looks over Nadia and her son wherever they are.

Dear Heavenly Father we ask for Your continued protection and grace for Nadia, our grandson, the rest of our family and this community plagued with knowing one of its members is still missing. We pray for Mr Haywood and his family that you Lord may comfort their hearts for they are also a family in pain and despair.  We lift up this community to You and ask You to touch the hearts of those people who can help us find our beloved daughter Nadia and bring her home to rest.  Lord we ask you to guide the search teams as they continue to volunteer endless hours looking for her.  We thank you for the officers of Homewood PD, Birmingham PD and the FBI who have been working to find the truth behind Nadia’s disappearance.  Lord, we ask you to put people in our path to help us find answers we need and this community needs to heal.  In Your Holy Name we pray.  Amen.

Nadia’s brother, John added these words:

Hello everyone,  I am John Kersh, Nadia’s brother.  I am nine years old.  I really miss my sister and if she came back home I would give her a big hug and show her around Montgomery, Alabama where we live now.  I would show her where I go to school at Montgomery Academy.

I have a nice comfortable bed for her to sleep on at home and a big backyard and a big lake with some ducks, lots of geese and a big water fountain in the middle of the lake.  I think Nadia would enjoy feeding the ducks and playing in the backyard with me and my sister, Charlie.

I really miss Nadia a lot.  I wish she was here.  Please help us find her.  Thank you.

Nadia’s sister, Charlize added:

Nadia is my sister.  She’s bigger than me.  She is lost.  We need to find her.


In Christ,

Nancy for all.

As We Remember Nadia

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Hello everyone,

I’d like to first thank all the girls who attended Victory Christian Academy with our daughter, Nadia for their support and kind words about her.  Of all her friends you are the people who know her best, you know the challenges she faces and the desires of her heart.  Our family is grateful for you all and appreciate your dedication to her.

The man who was charged with capital murder in Nadia’s disappearance faced a preliminary hearing last week.  The judge ruled to move the case to the grand jury.  As I understand the process, the next step could take a couple of months.

There is still no news of Nadia’s whereabouts since she disappeared.  However, searches for her continue in hopes we will be able to bring her home soon.  Many thanks to all the volunteers who have spent endless hours looking for her.  If anyone has any information concerning her whereabouts or if you have any information about Nadia’s case, please call Homewood Police Department at (205) 332-6262. 

The military is sending our family to Alabama this summer.   We are thankful as it will put us closer to where Nadia disappeared and to our grandson (her baby).  We’re excited about the change as we prepare to move.  If all goes well he will be home with us soon.

Thank you all for supporting our efforts to find our daughter, Nadia and to bring our grandson home.  No matter what the future brings we have peace knowing our Lord is with us.  May He bless and bring comfort to the Franklin, Hendersen, Holloway families/friends and all other missing persons’ families/friends as we continue to be patient to learn of the whereabouts of our precious and dearly loved ones.

The Lord be with you all,

Nancy for the family 

An arrest is made in Nadia’s case

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

Hello everyone,

Although I knew there may be some activity forthcoming in Nadia’s criminal case I was still shocked to receive the news last night from Homewood Alabama Police Department about an arrest for murder in her disappearance.  The FBI DNA analysis report was received last week and that was something Homewood PD had been awaiting for months.  With it they could press forward and present their case to the DA.  I was waiting for word from them when I received the call.

Joacquas Haywood was arrested in Homewood, Alabama last night for capital murder and burglary in the second degree in the case of our missing daughter, Nadia.  I’m torn by a mixture of emotions at the news.  On the one hand, if this man did do something bad to our daughter, I hope he will search his heart and lead us in the right direction to find her.  On the other hand my heart goes out to him and his family.  I can’t help but think he is someone’s son, someone’s grandson and maybe someone’s brother.  His arrest has undoubtably caused great pain for himself and his family.  

In the meanwhile, we will continue to search for Nadia in hopes of finding her.  We miss her so very much.

“Good night sweetheart.  Sleep tight wherever you are.  God hold you in His arms while we’re apart” (David Kersh) 

His Gracious Love to all of you,

Nancy for all

Carrying on in your absence

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

Hello Nadia,

It has been a one and 1/2 years since you disappeared on 3 November 2008 and we miss you so much.  We wake up everyday with the reminder that you’re not here.  We miss your smile, your little giggle and the free-spirited ideas you come up with so frequently.  We love you, Nadi.  I know you know it but I’ll say it again…We love you, Nadia.  Your little brother worries about you so much.  He’s hoping you’ll come back to us soon.

We wish you could be here to see what is happening in your absence.  So much darkness and unethical activity surrounds your situation and that of your little son.  As his grandparents and only family, we’ve been struggling to bring him home to Virginia since we were told you went missing.  There is someone (not affiliated with us) who filed a petition to adopt your son.  We do not support these actions.  When I look at all the pictures of you and him together it breaks my heart to know you can’t be with him right now to help him.  So in your place we will continue to do all we can to try and stop these activities and bring him home where he belongs. 

Your brother wanted to submit a post this time but instead I’d like to add some of his comments.  He says, “I miss you very much.  I hope someone will find you soon so you can come home.  I’d like (his nephew) to come home too.  I would take him to church and teach him how to be a Christian.  You would want him to be a Christian too.”  It breaks his heart to know we are facing such adversity in addition to mourning your disappearance and your little man’s absence.

The investigation in your criminal case is very close to being completed.  The person of interest in  the case remains the primary person of interest.  That does not mean others were not involved in your disappearance.  Your father and I continue to work with Homewood Alabama Police Department in hopes of bringing some resolution to the question of your whereabouts.  We have been there for you working these issues and will continue for as long as it takes to find you.

There are a number of volunteers who continue to support us in our efforts to find you.  Some come from professional search teams others are simply commited to bringing closure for us.  More leads have come in to Homewood PD and  searchers are combing identified areas.  There has been no halt in activities to find you.

Nadi, we want you to know we are doing all we can to carry on for you.  We want you home in the worst way as we continue to mourn your absence and that of your young son.  If you’re no longer with us I know you’re with Our Father.  May the Lord give you Peace wherever you are.

All my love,


Let Us Remember

Saturday, April 3rd, 2010

Hello everyone,

I’d first like to make a correction to the Homewood (Alabama) Police Department information tipline number.  The number has been misnoted on this site.  The correct number is (205) 332-6262.

Tuesday I interviewed with Fox 6 in Birmingham, Alabama.  There I made a plea for information leading to the whereabouts of our daughter Nadia and here I make it again.  If you have any information leading to the location of Nadia please call the Homewood PD tipline at (205) 332-6262.  Someone called that number in December of last year and left what the police consider “credible” information about Nadia’s case.  However, that person did not leave a way for the PD to contact them about the information.  I ask that person to please call the PD again.  We need you to help us find Nadia.  Please call (205) 332-6262.

As we move forward in our efforts to find our daughter, professional searches continue based on leads phoned in to Homewood PD.  The latest search was last week and then approximately two weeks ago.  More professional searches are being planned for this month.  We continue to be amazed by the dedication and committment of the professional volunteers who have come forward to help us find Nadia. 

There is a lot of darkness surrounding Nadia’s case and her disappearance.  Since she went missing we’ve come to understand she encountered a number of people of questionable character in her life.  I believe these people are preventing us from finding her because they have not been forthcoming with information that could lead to her whereabouts.  I also believe these people took advantage of her good graces and exploited her in many ways.  I believe they continue to work on attempting to wipe out her identity, the fact she ever lived/worked/existed in Homewood, AL or that she even has a family.  I believe their activities may reach far beyond Homewood, AL, using distance to diminish or conceal their true motives.  I share this with you in hopes someone will take this to heart and feel compelled to call Homewood PD to help us find Nadia. 

Tomorrow is Easter and with it comes our gratefulness of knowing the Lord died for our selfishness and sins.  It’s a reminder of His sacrifice for us.  He paid with the ultimate price of a slow death on the cross.  How great He is!!

My family and I wish you all a wonderous Easter and we pray you will experience the grace and peace He has to offer.  

In His Love,

Nancy for all      

In support of our daughter Nadia Kersh

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Dear Nadia, 

I’m writing you because there have been a number of people wondering and asking about your little boy (now two years old).  As you know, we love and miss him very much as we continue our efforts to provide a better future for him.  We’re doing all we can to help him and I especially want you to know your father and I have not given our consent or blessing for anyone to adopt him.   

We don’t know where you are, whether you’re alive or dead and we worry about you constantly.   The authorities tell us sightings of you have been reported and leads on your whereabouts continue to come in to the Homewood Police Department.  Given all, we want you to know we have not given our approval or consent to declare you deceased…when we see you we will know the truth.  In the meanwhile, we’ll continue to do all we can to support you as a mom, a daughter and a sister while you’re gone. 

With loving memories of you,