An arrest is made in Nadia’s case

Hello everyone,

Although I knew there may be some activity forthcoming in Nadia’s criminal case I was still shocked to receive the news last night from Homewood Alabama Police Department about an arrest for murder in her disappearance.  The FBI DNA analysis report was received last week and that was something Homewood PD had been awaiting for months.  With it they could press forward and present their case to the DA.  I was waiting for word from them when I received the call.

Joacquas Haywood was arrested in Homewood, Alabama last night for capital murder and burglary in the second degree in the case of our missing daughter, Nadia.  I’m torn by a mixture of emotions at the news.  On the one hand, if this man did do something bad to our daughter, I hope he will search his heart and lead us in the right direction to find her.  On the other hand my heart goes out to him and his family.  I can’t help but think he is someone’s son, someone’s grandson and maybe someone’s brother.  His arrest has undoubtably caused great pain for himself and his family.  

In the meanwhile, we will continue to search for Nadia in hopes of finding her.  We miss her so very much.

“Good night sweetheart.  Sleep tight wherever you are.  God hold you in His arms while we’re apart” (David Kersh) 

His Gracious Love to all of you,

Nancy for all

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