Questions regarding our grandson

Hello everyone,

My apologies for not being clear about the situation regarding our grandson (Nadia’s son).  I’ve received numerous emails asking about his welfare.  I’d like to address those questions here.

To everyone who has asked about him, I ask you to be patient with us for we’re not in a position to mention his name nor reveal details of his circumstances because he is a minor involved in the Alabama legal system and because of that we especially need to protect his privacy.  Please be patient as we are left to refer to him as “Nadia’s little son”, “our little man” or “our grandson” instead of calling him by his name as he deserves.

We love our little guy so much and miss him terribly.  We can’t wait to have him home with us.  His great-grandma,  great-grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins and the rest of his extended family are anxiously waiting to see him. 

Nadia’s father and I have been actively engaged in the legal process to bring him home to Virginia since we first traveled to Alabama after Nadia was reported missing.  This process has been extremely long and complicated.  We’d love to take him home today if we could but we’re required to be patient to see the process through. 

We’d appreciate your continued patience as we deal with the issues involving our grandson as well as the disappearance of his mom and our daughter, Nadia. (We miss you Nadi.  We wish you could be here for your little guy.)

Thank you so much for your understanding and patience in this matter.  

Blessings to you all, 


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  1. SouthernMom1 says:

    Hello! This is my first post. Been reading your site for a while now, but just saw this post about your grandson and was puzzled as to why you can’t post his sweet name.

    It was mentioned a long time ago and is all over the internet that his name is Christopher and he was placed in the care of Shavawn Horton, Nadia’s best friend, by DHR – so it seems strange you can’t even post it here. Sad.

    Still praying for you all.

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