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For Nadia’s Son

Friday, March 1st, 2019

Hello Grandson (I’ll not say your name in an effort to protect your identity.)

  It’s Grandma.  Your real Grandma.  Your mommy’s mom…Nadia Kersh’s mom. Your real mom disappeared over 10 years ago when you were one years old. Her name was Nadia Kersh and your last name used to be Kersh too, just like ours.  I want you to know your mommy loved you very much and she didn’t mean to leave you.  She would never, never leave you.  She loved you too much.  I have many pictures of you that mommy sent me and you can see in those pictures the love in her eyes she had for you and how proud she was of you.  I know in my heart she was overwhelmed with grief knowing her plan had failed to keep you safe.  Her loss would’ve been mind blowing knowing on the day she disappeared you were cast into a system that gave you no voice.

  You had no say about what happened to you as you were placed in custody with someone later arrested for drug trafficking and then again with someone who wasn’t family and then again to a place unfamiliar to you.  She would’ve been devastated to know no one contacted us to let us know you were left at the daycare on the day she disappeared.  You were shuffled around in the crazy world of drugs, lies and deception.  And Grandma and Grandpa have been powerless to stop it.  I can’t for one moment begin to understand what it has been like for you all these years and maybe how you’ve wondered where you came from and how you ended up where you are. 

  I believe if your mommy saw you today she would be so proud of you having dealt with all the craziness life has given you.  I want you to know she’s with you in spirit no matter what has happened to her.  She’s there watching you go to school, she’s with you when you’re down, she’s there trying to comfort you so that you’d know she loves you no matter what.  I want you to know she didn’t leave you on purpose.  She had plans to come home to us in Virginia and to bring you home with her.  She said she had no friends in Alabama and wanted to come home.  You need to know that. 

Grandpa and I were in the military at the time.  We had just moved back to the US from Guam and were unpacking our things in anticipation of you and mommy coming home when we were told she went missing.  We were told that three days after mommy disappeared and by that time you were already given away by the state of Alabama. We spent years and did all we could to make things right but it wasn’t enough.  Alabama DHR coupled with people who wished to control you/keep you intentionally sabotaged our visits with you and ultimately blocked our efforts to bring you home.  

Your mommy was brought up in Russia and was taught how to love by her Russian family in ways very different from what most people in our society know as positive and stable.  She was exposed to very terrible and very dark things in her early years.  Things she thought were normal.  And so after she was adopted by Grandma and Grandpa, she continued to act according to the ways she learned in Russia.  She didn’t know that what she was doing was very risky and dangerous.  She had no way to conceptualize and thereby understand the risks she was taking.  As she grew up she tried to change and form more healthy relationships but found it difficult when she surrounded herself with people who controlled or tried to control her. Your mom cherished her independence and wanted to make us proud but, in the end, her tangled life became too much to bear and she reached out to us asking to come home.  That was the plan.  In three weeks you and mommy would’ve been home with us but she was made to disappear instead.

I tell you this so that hopefully you understand you were never abandoned by your mom. She loved you with all her heart and would do anything for you.  I want you to know Grandma, Grandpa, your Uncle John (mommy’s brother), Tante Charlie (mommy’s sister), we all think about you and wonder how you are.  You have many cousins, aunts and uncles…the whole Kersh family from Texas and my side of the family from Connecticut.  You’ve been kept from us all these years.  I want you to know Grandpa and I fought hard for you and gave all we had to give to try to bring you home.  But the Alabama system was riddled with corruption and no matter what we did, we couldn’t change the outcome of you being given away.  I had hoped over time the people who have you would soften and allow us to be part of your life but that hasn’t happened.  They know we’re here.  They know we love you.  Maybe one day you’ll read this and know that all this time we still think about you and hold you close to our hearts.  I want you to know you are loved and we haven’t forgotten you.

In His love,


Missing you after six years

Friday, November 7th, 2014

Hello Nadi,

It’s mom. Today marks six years since you’ve disappeared. I think of you every day and wish you were home safe with me. I’d tell you how much you are loved and missed. My heart aches to see you and hear your voice once again. How precious you are.

The searches for you continue as our primary search area begins to reveal itself. Dedicated teams are now focused on a smaller, refined target area. Each day brings forth new hope as new leads emerge and more people come forward with information about the horrible situation you were in. I can see more clearly now how the last few months of your life may have unfolded.

Years ago you told me about someone you were afraid of. As I understand I wasn’t the only one you spoke to about this. Since you disappeared I’ve watched as one person you knew was arrested for international drug trafficking, another took advantage of your disappearance and essentially claimed your family and your life, and a number of people took to the media claiming to have known you.

As I piece together information, I can only hope the professionals tasked with investigating and solving your disappearance will take an unbiased look at the evidence when they revisit your case. As I say this we are still waiting for DNA analysis to return from the FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia. Hard to believe it’s been years since this piece of evidence was submitted to them.

Given you were adopted from Russia, some time ago you asked me whether or not you had a biological sibling living in Alabama and at that time my answer was that I didn’t know. I can tell you now after further investigation my understanding is that there is no evidence to support you having any biological siblings in the US.

It is with heart wrenching sadness I need to tell you your little son is lost to us. Although we were awarded unlimited visitation, we have chosen to stay away from him since our kids, our family was threatened. I hope he will come to understand how very much we love him and always want to bring him home. He holds a special place in our hearts (as I know he is in yours) and maybe one day he will seek us out and ask us about you…his mommy. As I understand, very soon he will legally become part of someone else’s family. He will have a new name and we will no longer be his legal family…and you will no longer legally be his mommy. I can’t imagine how you must feel reading this. As you know it’s not an action we’d ever support. I keep thinking what would happen if you walked through the door today and asked for your little one…how devastating that would be for you. It’s hard for me to grasp how a baby can be taken from his very capable family who loves him and essentially given to another but this is what happened in Jefferson County, Alabama.

Nadi, I’m sure you never thought your life would turn out this way. I can’t imagine how you must feel. I long to hold you, hug you and tell you it’s going to be alright. In this time of seemingly hopelessness and helplessness I trust you’ll continue to focus on our love for you…God’s love for you. He doesn’t want you to have an awful life. He wants you to be happy and know you are not forgotten. God is at the helm Nadi, He is the driver, He’s in control and one day if it is His will, the truth about the circumstances surrounding your disappearance will become clear to all. If it is His will, we’ll find you.

I love you so very much Nadia. With each sunrise I wonder where you are. I hope and I pray you come home to us soon. If you are out there and are being held captive, I hope you see this to know we have not given up hope…we have not forgotten you.

All my love,

Mom                                                                                                                                                                                 3 November 2014


Remembering You After Four Years

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Hello Nadia,

Today is the day you disappeared four years ago on November 3, 2008.  It is unimaginable what may have happened to you that day!!  I keep waiting for you to walk through our front door…if that does happen I’d be brought to my knees in joy of seeing you once again!!

Many people have asked so I will tell them there has been some movement on your case.  About a month ago the last piece of DNA evidence was submitted to the FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia.  In the past test results have taken some time.  I expect DNA results will be back some time early next year.  As I understand the DA’s office will pursue a reindictment of Mr. Haywood (originally arrested in Nadia’s disappearance) at that time.

The search for you continues today with efforts headed by the Walker County Search and Rescue.  They have uncovered some information and are chasing those leads.  My hope is those leads will finally find you.

So much has happened during your absence.  As difficult as it is to say, I need to tell you no matter how much we love your son Christopher, we have lost him…we’ve lost our battle to bring him home as you originally planned to do four years ago.  He was only one year old then…an innocent little boy subject to the horror of being away from his mama and family.  They say you can’t fight City Hall…and so it seemed in this Jefferson County, Alabama custody case.  Many people ask us if Chris is okay, if we have seen him or where he is?  We have not seen him Nadi and so have no answers to these questions.  What I can say is that we worry about him endlessly.  We are his only family who is fit, loves him and wants to bring him home…but that was not to be according to Jefferson County Family Court.

Nadi, I believe one day when he is old enough he will ask about you (his mama) and his family.  Maybe someone out there today reading this letter will tell him about you and that you loved him with all your heart and would never leave him.  Maybe someone out there today will tell him the truth about us, that we wanted him home from day one and we fought the good fight to bring him home.  If you are that person, please tell him we’ll be waiting for the day he comes walking through our door.  That would bring us and Nadia great joy!!

And Nadi, I think you know we did all we could to help Chris. You told me many times how sorry you were for telling stories about us and how you didn’t want to hurt us, you just did it to get help from other people because you were too proud to let us know you were wanting. You told me you made a big mess of things and asked us to forgive you which we have done many times over.  Having gone through the custody actions over the past several years, we’ve come to understand your dilemma and your need to tell different people different things.  I’m just sorry we couldn’t overcome it all to make a difference in Chris’ life for you.

I honestly understand Nadi.  You were forgiven a long time ago.

You are so loved and missed beyond belief…  May the Lord watch over you and Chris…


Many of you may not know Nadia’s story.  On November 3, 2008 our daughter Nadia went missing in Homewood, AL, leaving behind her one year old son, Christopher.  Chris was placed in the Department of Human Resources’ custody and was subsequently given away without our knowledge. Three days passed before we were informed Nadia was reported missing and our grandson was in the custody of a young lady unknown to us. That week when I spoke to her she told me of her desire to keep him & then seemed to do all she could to not let us see him.  November 3, 2008  was the beginning of a tragic nightmare no family should ever need to go through…the loss of a daughter and the loss of a grandson.  The day Nadia went missing opened the door for the darkness to enter and it did, in full force.

I hope this story will touch someone’s heart. I hope it will lead them to do what is right and true.  Don’t bend to the ways of temptation and desperation, it will always lead you into the darkness.  No matter how horrible things seem in your life, there is always hope…always!!  Nadia told me she gave in to desperation and fell into temptation…she was planning to come home to us in three weeks (when she went missing) with Chris to begin a new start.  Now they are both lost to us. We continue to lift them up to the Lord.

As you know the Walker County Search and Rescue team are still looking for Nadia.  We will not give up searching for her as long as there are volunteers and understanding land owners to help us.

Thank you all for your continued support during this difficult time.

With much gratitude to you all,

Nancy for all.

Someone out there knows where Nadia is

Monday, August 6th, 2012

We know there is someone out there who knows where our daughter Nadia is and what happened to her (missing 3 November, 2008).  We know there were people around her the day and approximate time she disappeared.  It was, afterall, mid-day on a Monday in the “family-friendly” town of Homewood, AL…within close proximity of the Homewood Police Department and the Mayor’s office…in plain sight of someone.  We are aware someone must’ve seen or heard something.  My question is, why don’t you come forward and let us know what happened to her? Why don’t you come forward and let us know what you witnessed?  Why don’t you come forward and let us know where she is?

Nadia would just not disappear voluntarily…she has a young son (now four years old) who was one year old at the time of her disappearance.  Pictures she sent us of him and her showed us nothing but her intense love for her son. Her phone calls to us during the months before her disappearance were about how much she missed us and her plans to move home to us with her baby .  At the time, she had difficulty getting time off from her work at Tria Market (closed two months after Nadia disappeared) in Homewood, AL, although she hadn’t taken time off in three years.  With coaching from us and her own determination she was able to convince her boss at Tria Market to let her take off one week.  She had planned to come home to us in Virginia and not return to Alabama.  She asked us not to tell anyone.  We have been holding on hoping someone will come forward with information about Nadia’s situation that would help us understand what happened to her.  Why would she ask us not to tell anyone she was moving home? What was she afraid of?  If you know or have any theories about what may have happened to her, please let us know.  You can reach us through this website or you can call the search team directly at (205) 305 – 6555.

We continue to hope each day we will find Nadia.  In the meanwhile, we ask the Lord to watch over her and give her peace.

Thank you all who have followed this blog and have supported us along the way.

In His Service,


Happy Birthday Nadia!!!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Happy Birthday Nadi!!

Eventhough you already know, I want to tell you how very much we miss you.  It’s been a long time since we’ve seen you and yet our thoughts come back to you with much love and forever pain in our hearts from missing you.  I wish so much that you were here.

The search team is preparing yet another area to look for you.  They are so dedicated in finding you.  We are blessed to have them at our side in our continued efforts to find you.

Your best friend Jackie has been committed to you and although she lives in Texas she frequently checks in with us to offer her support and love.  She is baffled (as are we) that your baby Christopher has not been allowed to come home to us eventhough we are “fit” and are the only family he has.

Nadi, you are forever on our minds and in our hearts.  I love you, your papa loves you, your brother John loves you and misses you terribly and your little sister speaks of you all the time believing you will walk through the door at any moment.

I told you I would never leave you and would always be there for you…and I am.  Nadi, wherever you are, know we love you and wish you an amazing birthday!!!

In God’s Love,


Happy Mother’s Day

Sunday, May 13th, 2012


Hello everyone,

First of all I’d like to say Happy Mother’s Day to our daughter Nadia who went missing on 3 November 2008 in Homewood, Alabama.  At the time of her disappearance Nadia left behind her then one year old son Christopher.  Since then he has been separated from us.  As his family we are committed to Nadia and him to do all we can to ensure his safety and welfare.  We ask if anyone has any information about Christopher and how he is doing to contact us throught this website or the Alabama Department of Human Resources.

Nadia was so dedicated to her son.  She loved him so much!  We spoke with her about him several times a week either by email or phone.  I remember her saying, “I’m raising him just like you raised me mom!”  Those words touched my heart and still do for I know Nadia was doing all she could to be the best mom she knew how to be.  She adored Christopher and sought to provide him with a stable homelife.  We were so proud of her.  She talked a lot about moving home with Christopher and so we planned for them to come in November 2008.  We were so excited we were going to see them!!  She talked to her brother John about playing games and going out to the movies.  She wanted to “babysit” him because she said, “I want to give you and Pop a night out together.”  That was just like her.  She was so thoughtful of others, giving and giving from her heart.  Thinking back on those memories reminds me of how proud I am of her.

Because at the time we lived just outside Washington DC, Nadia wanted to take the short trip to Connecticut to see her grandma…she missed her and wanted to tell her in person how much she loved her.  Remembering our conversation tugs at my heart and once again brings about the pain of missing her.   She never did get a chance to come home to us.   She never had an opportunity to tell her grandma how much she loved her.   Our grandson Christopher never had an oppportunity to meet Nadia’s grandma and to get to know her.

To Nadia, Happy Mother’s Day!!  We miss you terribly!  We are committed to you and we will do all we can to protect your “little man” (as she would call him) from the darkness of this world.

As mothers many of you can relate to wanting to protect your children and your family.  So once again, I ask if you are aware of any information regarding Nadia’s disappearance or our grandson’s situation and/or wellbeing please let us know.

We wish everyone a wonderful Mother’s Day and ask you not to forget Nadia and her son Christopher as you celebrate the moment.

His Blessings,


Three and a Half Years, Nadia, Where Are You?

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Hello everyone,

It has been three and one half years and searches continue still for our daughter Nadia Kersh who disappeared on November 3, 2008 from Homewood, Alabama.  Search professionals have located yet another area of interest based on information provided by anonymous tips.  They plan to expand our search efforts to take a closer look at this area.  Please if you have any information that would lead us to Nadia contact us through this website or you can leave an anonymous message with the search team at (205) 305-6555.

Last week Alabama’s Jefferson County Victim’s of Crime and Leniency held a vigil for those who have been lost and/or murdered.  Nadia was among those victims remembered. Her absence tugs at our hearts and thoughts of what may have happened to her continue to plague our minds.  We hope one day we will find her and bring her home to rest.

It is important to remember even though we as Nadia’s family are considered victims of crime, our grandson (Nadia’s son) is also a victim of crime.  Since her disappearance, he has been separated from us and from our love, security and understanding.  It’s twice as disturbing to mention this since Nadia had planned to bring him home (to us) in three weeks when she vanished. As a result of our continued separation we worry about him endlessly.  Should anyone have any information about his welfare please contact us throught this website or contact the Alabama Department of Human Resources.

Given all, we ask for your patience and understanding as we move forward in our search for our daughter Nadia.  As many of you know, with the commitment and aid of Nadia’s search team we have been looking for her for well over three years.  Our eternal thanks to the search team volunteers who have given so much of their time to look for Nadia.  Our heartfelt thanks to the property owners who have given us access to their land and areas identified as potential search spots.

In His Love,


As we approach Easter

Friday, April 6th, 2012

As Easter draws near it is a time to refresh our hearts and minds that our Lord died for us…He paid the ultimate price.  Some people in this world take His sacrifice as a given or entitlement and have strayed from Him and His way.  This has caused turmoil, confusion and discouragement for many.  I believe it may have led some people away from sharing what they know about our daughter Nadia who went missing on 3 November 2008.

If you have submitted to this darkness and the intimidation of others I ask you to get right with God. Intimidation, discouragement and hopelessness compromises what we know to be right.  Don’t be afraid to come forward.  Remember intimidation usually comes from people who are immature and have a wicked heart.  These people will accuse you of the weaknesses they seek to hide in themselves.  The Lord gives you authority to confront this darkness.  Once you do and stand your ground you’ll find a peace in your heart…that is God’s presence.  Listen to your heart and come forward with information to help us find our daughter Nadia by contacting us through this website or the Birmingham, Alabama FBI office.

As it is with you, I believe it is my God given responsibility to protect our grandson (Nadia’s son) in his mother’s and father’s absence. As a result I’ve asked people to come forward with information about his welfare and help us protect him from the darkness of this world. I’m grateful for those who have contacted us thus far but I believe there are many more who can help shed light on what is happening to him. Please do not be afraid but come forward with what you know and contact us through this website or the Alabama Department of Human Resources.

As you gather with your families this Easter we ask you to remember Nadia and her little son Christopher for they are not home with us.  We ask when you look at your family members you look at them with a sense of gratefulness they are there with you.  Appreciate and love them in His name.

We wish all of you God’s Peace this Easter season.

In His name,

Nancy for all


About Our Daughter Nadia

Sunday, March 11th, 2012


Hello everyone,

Today I’d like to talk to you about issues concerning our missing daughter Nadia that may have caused confusion to many who knew her either in passing or who may have spent some time with her.  As you know, Nadia was adopted from Russia almost 20 years ago.  At the time we didn’t know of the trauma and neglect she suffered during her life there.  Over the years and after seeing numerous doctors and therapists we learned Nadia suffered abhorent conditions in Russia including severe and continuous abuse and neglect.  We eventually learned she had brain dysfunction, memory and emotional issues, and more.  Taken collectively Nadia dealt with many overlapping issues simultaneously but was not considered disabled.  Shy as a child, she eventually learned to become more outgoing and to make people feel at ease with her.  She was determined to be as independent as possible, dreaming of a career as a chef.  However, traumatizing childhood experiences continued to plague her throughout adulthood.  I’d like to take a moment and speak briefly about some of them.

Nadia had difficulty with confabulation and lying, a characteristic of yet another disorder she came to us with from Russia.  She lied often but she didn’t necessarily know she was doing it and much of it eventually became habitual.  She made up and/or changed stories to help fill in the voids of her life in an attempt to make her Russian upbringing seem more socially acceptable and also as a strategy to survive in a world she viewed as threatening.

Nadia was extremely impressionable and vulnerable to suggestion from others as well.  Many times, with enough repetition, those suggestive thoughts became the truth to her, confusing her world even more.  Nadia spoke a lot about maddening abuse and neglect, subjects she was personally familiar with given her horrific life in Russia.   Many people have talked about her in terms of being painfully truthful for she was very convincing.  In an attempt to solicit assistance and empathy she began to tell stories blurring the edges of what happened in Russia and her life in America. Her dearest friends who have known her for many years and understand her limitations know how terribly confused Nadia was during her stay in Alabama. My apologies if her stories mislead anyone.  Nadia could not and did not understand possible ramifications or long term effects of fabricating events and factititious storytelling.

In terms of her relationships with men, she moved quickly from one to another thereby avoiding her fear of commitment.  I can only imagine how this may have caused jealously among her male partners.  I’d like for you to understand Nadia could not comprehend cause and effect relationships and so could not connect how her uninhibited and many times impulsive actions could lead to hurtful feelings on behalf of someone else.  She just didn’t have that capability.  I’m so sorry if her actions caused anyone heartache.  There was no malicious intent on her behalf.

Nadia strived to be the best mother she could be to her infant son.  She desperately looked for Mr Right in her life although she knew she could not commit to a lifetime relationship.  She did all she could to “fit in and be normal” (as she would say).  She loved life and was devoted to her baby son.  In terms of her relationship with God she believed she was “saved” and did all she knew given her capabilities to follow the Lord’s word.

We’re thankful for those of you who have read this through. We hope you’ll go away with a clearer understanding and appreciation of who our daughter Nadia was. She was a very confused, gentle soul who wouldn’t intentionally hurt anyone. We want you to know she did everything she knew to make a better life for herself and her son. We miss them both terribly.

Just prior to Nadia’s disappearance, we had not seen Nadia for a couple of years as we were stationed overseas in Guam and our respective military positions did not allow much flexibility for travel back to the mainland of the US.  We did fly back to see family members who were terminally ill.  One of them, my brother in-law, passed away while we were in Guam.

While in Guam we sent Nadia money and gifts and we talked numerous times each month.  Things seemed to be going well for her.  Nadia was afraid of long flights so we agreed to wait until we returned to the mainland to get together.  We moved back to the mainland and were unpacking our household goods shipment when we received the call (three days after she disappeared and her son already given away) that Nadia had been reported missing.  We had just received a phone call from her the day before she disappeared.  She was expected home in three weeks with the baby…a much anticipated reunion for all of us.  But as you all know that didn’t happen.

Please if anyone has any information regarding her whereabouts or if you have any information about what may have happened to her, please contact us through this website.  Your comments will be kept confidential.

We continue to have grave concerns about our grandson (Nadia’s son) who is not home with his family.  Nadia would go mad knowing this.  We are extremely worried about him.  If anyone has any information about his status, please, please contact us through this website.  Again, your comments will be kept confidential.  Thank you all who have already responded.  Your comments and information will help build a better future for him.

Thank you all kindly.  We’re so grateful for your suppport.

Our love and God’s blessings to you all!

In Christ,


As Valentine’s Draws Near

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Hello everyone,

Searches lead by the Walker County Search and Rescue team continue for Nadi.  As many of you know we will continue our efforts to find her as long as leads come in to us.  The rescue squad has new equipment and is excited to begin using it.

In Nadia’s disappearance, case we’re still waiting for outstanding DNA analysis results from the FBI lab.  Some test results are already in but more work still needs to be done.  We hope to hear more within the next couple of months.

Once again we ask if you have any information regarding Nadia’s whereabouts or if you have any information about our grandson (Nadi’s 4 y.o. son) please contact us through this website.  Just register and send us a message.  Your personal information will be kept confidential.

For Nadia and our grandson, Happy Valentine’s Day!

In His Love,