As we approach Easter

As Easter draws near it is a time to refresh our hearts and minds that our Lord died for us…He paid the ultimate price.  Some people in this world take His sacrifice as a given or entitlement and have strayed from Him and His way.  This has caused turmoil, confusion and discouragement for many.  I believe it may have led some people away from sharing what they know about our daughter Nadia who went missing on 3 November 2008.

If you have submitted to this darkness and the intimidation of others I ask you to get right with God. Intimidation, discouragement and hopelessness compromises what we know to be right.  Don’t be afraid to come forward.  Remember intimidation usually comes from people who are immature and have a wicked heart.  These people will accuse you of the weaknesses they seek to hide in themselves.  The Lord gives you authority to confront this darkness.  Once you do and stand your ground you’ll find a peace in your heart…that is God’s presence.  Listen to your heart and come forward with information to help us find our daughter Nadia by contacting us through this website or the Birmingham, Alabama FBI office.

As it is with you, I believe it is my God given responsibility to protect our grandson (Nadia’s son) in his mother’s and father’s absence. As a result I’ve asked people to come forward with information about his welfare and help us protect him from the darkness of this world. I’m grateful for those who have contacted us thus far but I believe there are many more who can help shed light on what is happening to him. Please do not be afraid but come forward with what you know and contact us through this website or the Alabama Department of Human Resources.

As you gather with your families this Easter we ask you to remember Nadia and her little son Christopher for they are not home with us.  We ask when you look at your family members you look at them with a sense of gratefulness they are there with you.  Appreciate and love them in His name.

We wish all of you God’s Peace this Easter season.

In His name,

Nancy for all


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