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Friday, June 3rd, 2011

Hello everyone,

  Our pastor reminded us Memorial Day was a day set aside not to forget the indebtedness we owe those who have selflessly served in some way for the benefit of others.  It’s good to pause and reflect, to ponder and remember the faithfulness of others. 

The search for our daughter Nadia has resumed with countless faithful professional volunteers dedicated to find her.  We are extremely grateful for them as we continue to eliminate areas of interest in our efforts to find her and bring her home.

As followers of Christ and believers in Him, we remember that faith compels us to action, belief leads us to involvement, for there we learn the wonderous lessons of love.  In His love we all move forward in our search for Nadia and in our quest to bring her son home to us. 

Thank you all who have stood by us in faith, love and hope. 

In Christ,

Nancy for all