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Happy 26th Birthday Nadi!!!

Monday, July 18th, 2011

Hello everyone,

Today is our daughter Nadia’s 26th birthday.  She has been missing since 3 November 2008 and we are still searching to bring her home. 

A number of people have sent in comments on how Nadi had influenced/touched their lives in some way.  We have decided to include some of those in this posting.  The following is a sample of what people had to say…

I was watching it (our graduation video) with my little daughter and started crying when I saw my Nad.  Oh how I miss her so much.  I truly lost a piece of my heart when she disappeared…Nadia Kersh lives on in my dreams. I love you Nad.   -Jacquie  

You were so innocent and sweet…what if I would have went with you to lunch that day (you disappeared), would all of this have been different…when someone asks me to go to lunch (now) I think about you (and) I will just go.  Love always.   -Alaina

Nadia was a rare kind of person.  She knew when to laugh, and believe me, her laugh was contagious.  She knew how to cheer me up, and she knew how to bring life to a dull moment.  Nadia taught me how to pluck my eyebrows and how to deal with the things that were going on around me.  She helped me to understand that the things that were going negatively in my life were all for a bigger purpose.  She said God knew what he was doing when he made me, and that all the bad things that I had gone through in my life were not only going to make me stronger, but they were going to make me stronger so that I could be someone else’s strength and help guide them though things they were going through.  Nadia was fun loving, and creative.  We had a lot of fun with Friday night at Lighthouse, and Nadia made them more colorful and interesting…I just miss Nadia.  She made an impact in my life at school.   -Baeli

Me and Nadia used to work together.  I first met her when she was pregnant…after we stopped working together I came back to see everyone and she was happy to see me and was showing me pictures of her son who is so precious!  That was the very last time I saw her.   -Sarah 

Miss you girl 😉   -Lynnette 

God Bless Nadia.   -Frances

I was a friend… as a frequent customer at Tria, I visited with Nadia most days she was at work. She was such a sweet, caring woman.  I was pregnant with my son while Nadia was pregnant…We were able to share many stories of pregnancy and since my son was born three months earlier…I was able to pass on many of my son’s clothing to her as he grew out of them. Nadia called me when she had (her son) and I was at the hospital shortly after she had him. She was beautiful and so in love with her son.  I frequently invited Nadia to go to church with me. She attended special events at my church but most Sundays she assured me that she had a church home where she was actively attending. I have fond memories of attending the Halloween party at my church with Nadia and (her son) shortly before her disappearance…  (In) 2008, I had my third child…I named her Kiera (pronounced ki-ra), remembering your precious Nadia Kira who was such a sweet friend to me.  I miss Nadia and (her son) much. Nadia was very special to me…   -Christine

Happy Birthday Nadi!!!   We love and miss you so very much!!!  With all our Love, Mom, Pop, John and Charlize

We Continue in Faith

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

Hello all,

This month is Nadia’s birthday.  She will turn 26 years old on Monday, 18 July 2011.  I’ve asked folks to submit comments about her and how she may have impacted their lives to this website or the Alabama Walker County Rescue Squad’s Facebook site: Nadia Kersh – The Search Continues Until She is Home.  I will post comments on this site as a tribute to Nadia on her birthday (18 July 2011). 

As some of you may know we have stepped up our efforts trying to find Nadia.  The search and rescue team members have been a true inspiration in the search by continuing to donate time and resources as they pursue their calling to find our daughter.

We also continue to press forward to do what we can to bring our grandson (Nadia’s son) home.  It has been a long and tedious effort working through issues in a complicated legal system.  We have worked this issue since his mom (Nadia) disappeared, two years and eight months ago.

Thank you all once again.  We are blessed to have you support us along this journey.  May the Lord bless and Keep you.

In His Name,

Nancy for all