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Someone is watching

Saturday, December 11th, 2010


Dearest Nadia,

Since your disappearance on 3 November 2008 we have been searching for you.  Our team of professional volunteers continue to look for you no matter what the weather or geographical conditions.  Our most recent lead brought us to an unusual area; an area searched this past weekend by our team members.  During the search they noticed they were being watched by an unusual presence…a coyote had made himself comfortable as he came to observe the search efforts.  I received the coyote photo the day of the search and felt it noteworthy enough to share with all who read this website.  Nadi, we will not give up looking for you so long as the leads come in my girl!! Love you, Mom

If someone reading this knows any information about Nadia’s whereabouts, please contact us through this website or contact the Homewood P.D. at (205) 332-6262.  We take all leads seriously so please do not hesitate to call or contact us.

In Christ,

Nancy for all

Another link for “Where’s the Line to See Jesus?”

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

If you’re not able to access the song, “Where’s the Line to See Jesus” you may want to try this link:  Where’s the Line to See Jesus? 

Where’s the Line to See Jesus?: A song for the season

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Hello all,

A dear friend sent me a link to a song called, “Where’s the Line to See Jesus?”.  It is sung by a daughter (Becky Kelley)accompanied by her father (Steve Haupt) on the piano.  It touched my heart for the upcoming holiday of Christmas is Jesus’ birthday and we often forget that when we’re out and about scurrying around trying to get ready for the holiday, meeting up with friends and family and attending holiday celebrations.  I’ve included the link to the song (below) on this site for I know our daughter, Nadia would want you to hear it and to remember how much God loved us to send us His son.   I dedicate this song to Nadia and her son.  With love, Mom

Where’s the Line to See Jesus? 

Another Holiday Without You

Saturday, December 4th, 2010


Dear Nadia,

Another Thanksgiving holiday has past without you and your little man.  We miss you both so much.  I look at your pictures everyday and ask you to understand that everything will be okay.  It will all work out in God’s time.

We continue to try to bring your son/our grandson (please understand we are not permitted to say his name) home to us.  That situation remains complicated as it is held within the Alabama legal system. 

I want you to know numerous members of dedicated professional search teams are planning another search for you as we speak.  Leads have continued to come in as we press on in our attempts to find you.  We have not given up and will not give up so long as people contact us through this website or in person and give us credible leads to pursue.

As you know the man arrested in the matter of your disappearance will face trial in April of next year.  If he knows where you are we hope he will learn of God’s Peace and give us that information.  Our prayers remain with him and his family for this is a horrific situation for us all.

We are and will continue to be dedicated to you.  As your family we love you very much! Our hope is one day soon we will all be reunited.

Our love in Christ,


Hello everyone,

We’d like to thank those people from around the world who have supported us along the way with their words of encouragement and hope…people from Australia, U.S., Africa, Europe, Canada, Southeast Asia, etc. We want to personally thank our friends from Guam who visited us a few weeks ago for their time and fellowship. 

We are eternally grateful for the professional search teams who have spent endless hours looking for Nadia.  These are individuals who never knew Nadia before she disappeared and yet their determination and hope carries them forward in their search for her.  They are driven by the Lord’s Grace to undo what the darkness has done.  God’s speed today.

In the interest of privacy we cannot acknowledge people individually as we’d like to on this website.  If you are not mentioned please know we are silently thankful for your help and appreciate everything you have done to help us find Nadia and bring her and her son home. 

In Christ,

Nancy for all