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A Call for Help

Thursday, October 6th, 2011


Hello everyone,

For weeks torrential rains had saturated parts of the Birmingham, AL area and dampened search efforts for our daughter Nadia.   We’re finally back on track to resume planned searches for her.  We’re forever thankful for the professional volunteers who have devoted their time away from their own families to search for Nadia.

The suspect in the case of Nadia’s disappearance has been released from jail after charges against him were dismissed on 29 August 2011.  Since then we’ve waited for evidence sent to the FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia to be processed.  We were told DNA analysis results could be expected to be completed within 90 days…we’re almost halfway there now.  Once test results are received, Jefferson County District Attorney (DA) will determine the next course of action in Nadia’s criminal case.  We expect the DA to move forward with proceedings as planned.

Nadi called home and left us a voicemail the day before she disappeared.  As you may recall Nadia is a single mom who left  behind her then one year old son.  The rest of the family had recently returned to the states (Virginia) from an overseas assignment in Guam.  The news of Nadia’s disappearance had not reached Virginia and we were not informed by anyone of Nadia’s disappearance for three days. We were not aware our grandson was left behind and alone.  We were not aware her car and purse were found abandoned and discarded.  We did not know Nadia vanished after she left work for lunch and never returned.  Since then we’ve come to learn many things happened during those first three days after Nadi disappeared.  All in all, many more questions continue to remain unanswered.

We ask again if anyone has any information about Nadia’s whereabouts to come forward and tell us where she is.  If you have heard any hearsay, please come forward and share the information.  If you suspect you know where she is or suspect someone is involved please come forward and let us know. 

There are several options to contact us.  You can send us an email directly through this website.  You can contact Nadia’s search team @ (205)915-8936 or you can call Homewood PD @ (202) 332-6262.  As a more indirect approach you can also email or call the local Birmingham TV stations (Fox 6, NBC 13, CBS 42 or ABC 33/40); they have our contact information.  Please, come forward and shed light on this very dark situation and help us understand what happened to Nadi and let us bring her home.

We miss Nadia very much and we’d very much love to find her and take her home where she will be safe or if she has passed we’d like to return her home to be laid to rest.

Thank you all for continuing your support of our quest to find her.  Nadi holds a wonderfully special place in our hearts that no one else can fill.

In His Love,