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Remembering You After Four Years

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Hello Nadia,

Today is the day you disappeared four years ago on November 3, 2008.  It is unimaginable what may have happened to you that day!!  I keep waiting for you to walk through our front door…if that does happen I’d be brought to my knees in joy of seeing you once again!!

Many people have asked so I will tell them there has been some movement on your case.  About a month ago the last piece of DNA evidence was submitted to the FBI lab in Quantico, Virginia.  In the past test results have taken some time.  I expect DNA results will be back some time early next year.  As I understand the DA’s office will pursue a reindictment of Mr. Haywood (originally arrested in Nadia’s disappearance) at that time.

The search for you continues today with efforts headed by the Walker County Search and Rescue.  They have uncovered some information and are chasing those leads.  My hope is those leads will finally find you.

So much has happened during your absence.  As difficult as it is to say, I need to tell you no matter how much we love your son Christopher, we have lost him…we’ve lost our battle to bring him home as you originally planned to do four years ago.  He was only one year old then…an innocent little boy subject to the horror of being away from his mama and family.  They say you can’t fight City Hall…and so it seemed in this Jefferson County, Alabama custody case.  Many people ask us if Chris is okay, if we have seen him or where he is?  We have not seen him Nadi and so have no answers to these questions.  What I can say is that we worry about him endlessly.  We are his only family who is fit, loves him and wants to bring him home…but that was not to be according to Jefferson County Family Court.

Nadi, I believe one day when he is old enough he will ask about you (his mama) and his family.  Maybe someone out there today reading this letter will tell him about you and that you loved him with all your heart and would never leave him.  Maybe someone out there today will tell him the truth about us, that we wanted him home from day one and we fought the good fight to bring him home.  If you are that person, please tell him we’ll be waiting for the day he comes walking through our door.  That would bring us and Nadia great joy!!

And Nadi, I think you know we did all we could to help Chris. You told me many times how sorry you were for telling stories about us and how you didn’t want to hurt us, you just did it to get help from other people because you were too proud to let us know you were wanting. You told me you made a big mess of things and asked us to forgive you which we have done many times over.  Having gone through the custody actions over the past several years, we’ve come to understand your dilemma and your need to tell different people different things.  I’m just sorry we couldn’t overcome it all to make a difference in Chris’ life for you.

I honestly understand Nadi.  You were forgiven a long time ago.

You are so loved and missed beyond belief…  May the Lord watch over you and Chris…


Many of you may not know Nadia’s story.  On November 3, 2008 our daughter Nadia went missing in Homewood, AL, leaving behind her one year old son, Christopher.  Chris was placed in the Department of Human Resources’ custody and was subsequently given away without our knowledge. Three days passed before we were informed Nadia was reported missing and our grandson was in the custody of a young lady unknown to us. That week when I spoke to her she told me of her desire to keep him & then seemed to do all she could to not let us see him.  November 3, 2008  was the beginning of a tragic nightmare no family should ever need to go through…the loss of a daughter and the loss of a grandson.  The day Nadia went missing opened the door for the darkness to enter and it did, in full force.

I hope this story will touch someone’s heart. I hope it will lead them to do what is right and true.  Don’t bend to the ways of temptation and desperation, it will always lead you into the darkness.  No matter how horrible things seem in your life, there is always hope…always!!  Nadia told me she gave in to desperation and fell into temptation…she was planning to come home to us in three weeks (when she went missing) with Chris to begin a new start.  Now they are both lost to us. We continue to lift them up to the Lord.

As you know the Walker County Search and Rescue team are still looking for Nadia.  We will not give up searching for her as long as there are volunteers and understanding land owners to help us.

Thank you all for your continued support during this difficult time.

With much gratitude to you all,

Nancy for all.