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Happy Birthday Nadia!!!

Wednesday, July 18th, 2012

Happy Birthday Nadi!!

Eventhough you already know, I want to tell you how very much we miss you.  It’s been a long time since we’ve seen you and yet our thoughts come back to you with much love and forever pain in our hearts from missing you.  I wish so much that you were here.

The search team is preparing yet another area to look for you.  They are so dedicated in finding you.  We are blessed to have them at our side in our continued efforts to find you.

Your best friend Jackie has been committed to you and although she lives in Texas she frequently checks in with us to offer her support and love.  She is baffled (as are we) that your baby Christopher has not been allowed to come home to us eventhough we are “fit” and are the only family he has.

Nadi, you are forever on our minds and in our hearts.  I love you, your papa loves you, your brother John loves you and misses you terribly and your little sister speaks of you all the time believing you will walk through the door at any moment.

I told you I would never leave you and would always be there for you…and I am.  Nadi, wherever you are, know we love you and wish you an amazing birthday!!!

In God’s Love,