We Continue in Faith

Hello all,

This month is Nadia’s birthday.  She will turn 26 years old on Monday, 18 July 2011.  I’ve asked folks to submit comments about her and how she may have impacted their lives to this website or the Alabama Walker County Rescue Squad’s Facebook site: Nadia Kersh – The Search Continues Until She is Home.  I will post comments on this site as a tribute to Nadia on her birthday (18 July 2011). 

As some of you may know we have stepped up our efforts trying to find Nadia.  The search and rescue team members have been a true inspiration in the search by continuing to donate time and resources as they pursue their calling to find our daughter.

We also continue to press forward to do what we can to bring our grandson (Nadia’s son) home.  It has been a long and tedious effort working through issues in a complicated legal system.  We have worked this issue since his mom (Nadia) disappeared, two years and eight months ago.

Thank you all once again.  We are blessed to have you support us along this journey.  May the Lord bless and Keep you.

In His Name,

Nancy for all

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