Someone out there knows where Nadia is

We know there is someone out there who knows where our daughter Nadia is and what happened to her (missing 3 November, 2008).  We know there were people around her the day and approximate time she disappeared.  It was, afterall, mid-day on a Monday in the “family-friendly” town of Homewood, AL…within close proximity of the Homewood Police Department and the Mayor’s office…in plain sight of someone.  We are aware someone must’ve seen or heard something.  My question is, why don’t you come forward and let us know what happened to her? Why don’t you come forward and let us know what you witnessed?  Why don’t you come forward and let us know where she is?

Nadia would just not disappear voluntarily…she has a young son (now four years old) who was one year old at the time of her disappearance.  Pictures she sent us of him and her showed us nothing but her intense love for her son. Her phone calls to us during the months before her disappearance were about how much she missed us and her plans to move home to us with her baby .  At the time, she had difficulty getting time off from her work at Tria Market (closed two months after Nadia disappeared) in Homewood, AL, although she hadn’t taken time off in three years.  With coaching from us and her own determination she was able to convince her boss at Tria Market to let her take off one week.  She had planned to come home to us in Virginia and not return to Alabama.  She asked us not to tell anyone.  We have been holding on hoping someone will come forward with information about Nadia’s situation that would help us understand what happened to her.  Why would she ask us not to tell anyone she was moving home? What was she afraid of?  If you know or have any theories about what may have happened to her, please let us know.  You can reach us through this website or you can call the search team directly at (205) 305 – 6555.

We continue to hope each day we will find Nadia.  In the meanwhile, we ask the Lord to watch over her and give her peace.

Thank you all who have followed this blog and have supported us along the way.

In His Service,


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