Carrying on in your absence

Hello Nadia,

It has been a one and 1/2 years since you disappeared on 3 November 2008 and we miss you so much.  We wake up everyday with the reminder that you’re not here.  We miss your smile, your little giggle and the free-spirited ideas you come up with so frequently.  We love you, Nadi.  I know you know it but I’ll say it again…We love you, Nadia.  Your little brother worries about you so much.  He’s hoping you’ll come back to us soon.

We wish you could be here to see what is happening in your absence.  So much darkness and unethical activity surrounds your situation and that of your little son.  As his grandparents and only family, we’ve been struggling to bring him home to Virginia since we were told you went missing.  There is someone (not affiliated with us) who filed a petition to adopt your son.  We do not support these actions.  When I look at all the pictures of you and him together it breaks my heart to know you can’t be with him right now to help him.  So in your place we will continue to do all we can to try and stop these activities and bring him home where he belongs. 

Your brother wanted to submit a post this time but instead I’d like to add some of his comments.  He says, “I miss you very much.  I hope someone will find you soon so you can come home.  I’d like (his nephew) to come home too.  I would take him to church and teach him how to be a Christian.  You would want him to be a Christian too.”  It breaks his heart to know we are facing such adversity in addition to mourning your disappearance and your little man’s absence.

The investigation in your criminal case is very close to being completed.  The person of interest in  the case remains the primary person of interest.  That does not mean others were not involved in your disappearance.  Your father and I continue to work with Homewood Alabama Police Department in hopes of bringing some resolution to the question of your whereabouts.  We have been there for you working these issues and will continue for as long as it takes to find you.

There are a number of volunteers who continue to support us in our efforts to find you.  Some come from professional search teams others are simply commited to bringing closure for us.  More leads have come in to Homewood PD and  searchers are combing identified areas.  There has been no halt in activities to find you.

Nadi, we want you to know we are doing all we can to carry on for you.  We want you home in the worst way as we continue to mourn your absence and that of your young son.  If you’re no longer with us I know you’re with Our Father.  May the Lord give you Peace wherever you are.

All my love,


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