Fundraiser Disclaimer

Hello everyone,

Last year on January 18, 2009 the Bottletree cafe in Birmingham, AL hosted the “From Birmingham With Love” benefit for Nadia Kersh.  Nadia’s family wants you to know we were not involved with this benefit or any other benefits for Nadia or our grandson (her son).  We do not know what happened to the proceeds from the “From Birmingham With Love” benefit and Homewood (Alabama) P.D. has been made aware.  

Unless an event is promoted on this website, it is not sanctioned by Nadia’s family.  Also, Nadia’s family is in no way affiliated with any type of “college fund” for her son. 

The search for Nadia conducted last weekend brings us closer to finding her. Hopefully this weekend’s search will allow more to surface and reveal even more new information as professional search volunteers continue to press forward.  We’re eternally thankful to all of them.

Thank you all for standing by us as we continue to look for Nadia and work toward bring her son home. 

His Blessings to you all,

Nancy for all

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  1. bjwinchester says:

    Kevin and family,
    Please check the blog with today’s date. Thank you for sharing your personal story.


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