Committed to You

Nadia at VCA

Hello Nadie,

As you know your father and I continue our search for you.  We miss you so very much.  As I look at your pictures on my desk I’m reminded everyday you are not here.  I think about how determined you were to succeed in life, how dedicated you were to the Lord to help guide your way.  What more could a mom and dad ask for.  It all ended by your disappearance on 3 November 2008.  The answer to where you are may continue to elude us but we are committed to finding you as long as leads continue to come in…and they have.

As we are committed to you, we are committed to our efforts to bring your little man home.  We’re doing all we can within our means to make that happen.  The Alabama legal system is extremely complicated and we still hope for the best possible outcome for him to be safe, happy and an opportunity to know our Lord…we pray he will come home.  That is our greatest hope and I know it is yours as well.

Our love in Christ,

Mom and Pop

Thank you everyone for your continued support and words of inspiration from all around the world.  Your thoughts and encouraging words help us cope with the daily reminder Nadia is not here. We know the Lord is not about the darkness that surrounds Nadia’s situation.  He is not about keeping her location hidden from us.  He is about hopefulness and salvation.   Those people who have information about Nadia’s whereabouts and are not coming forward are part of the darkness and are being deceived.  Deceived by allowing themselves to believe Nadia’s whereabouts will be solved without them having to come forward.  We know you all have information and are unwilling for whatever convincing reason to share your part of Nadia’s story.  Finding her will be difficult to solve without you.  We will be waiting for your response, your part of her story…for however long it takes.  Feel free to contact us at this website.

In Christ,


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