Homewood, Alabama Press Release 24 March 09

Nadia Kersh

Hello family, friends and concerned others waiting to hear about news on Nadia’s case,

The Homewood Police Department issued a press release today.  Here are some of the issues addressed in that release:

Nadia has been missing almost five months.  The Police Department continues their criminal investigation against the 27 year old suspect from Irondale, AL.  They’re waiting for DNA evidence analysis from the FBI crime lab.  Information was received from the Homewood PD tipline (205) 322-6262 that Nadia’s car was seen in W. Birmingham driven by two black males on the day she disappeared.  Because of this information a new search is being planned for that area on Friday, 3 April.  Homewood PD Special Operations will be coordinating the search.   

Total reward donations are now at $45,000.  Contributions to the reward money for information leading to Nadia’s whereabouts have come from the FBI, Barber’s Dairy, State of Alabama and private donations.  Recently, the State of Alabama donated an additional $5,000 to the reward monies.  Barber’s Dairy of Homewood matched that increase with another $5,000 for a total of $45,000.  


We ask for anyone who may have any information about Nadia’s disappearance to please call the Homewood PD tipline at (205)332-6262.  Please do not continue to watch this (these) suspected offender(s) walk about your home in your community and possibly commit another offense to maybe someone you love.  Please help us bring the people responsible for Nadia’s disappearance to justice.  Please come forward with any information you have.


We’d like to thank those people who have come forward and helped us draw nearer to finding Nadia.  You’ve made a courageous choice to help us.  It’s never a popular choice but one you’ve made I’m sure after much thought and contemplation.  We thank the Lord for your strength and thank you for thinking of Nadia and those who love her.   


Although our hearts are burdened with not knowing where Nadia is or how she is, we have hope that we will find her and with that hope we wait.


In His name,


The Kershes: Kevin, Nancy, John (brother), Charlize (sister) and our grandson (Nadia’s baby)

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  1. Angiec says:

    We have been waiting to hear about a new search for Nadia. We will be contacting Homewood tomorrow. Hopefully we will be allowed to assist again. Our team (Walker County Rescue) assisted in 2 previous searches for Nadia. If this reaches the Kersh family, please know that it would be an honor to assist in any way we can to locate your daughter. Mrs. Kersh (Nancy), you have made such an impression on our members with your strength and courage. You actually approached on of our members at the last search we attended (High School parking lot). He was sitting in a white Crown Vic. He was so moved by the fact that you personally came up and thanked him for his help. You and your family have been in our thoughts and prayers constantly. Our entire squad is always asking each other whether we have heard anything new about Nadia.

    I pray that this new search will be the final search for your daughter and that your family will finally be given peace and closure.

    Thank You sharing your information with the rest of us on this web-site.


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