Thank You to Those Who Joined the Search

Hello everyone,


On Friday, April 3rd, a search for our daughter, Nadia was lead by the Homewood, AL Police Department.  There were so many dog teams and law enforcement personnel along with search and rescue teams they expanded the search to cover more territory than anticipated.  In addition, a Search and Rescue team from Maine and South Georgia stayed through Saturday and searched additional areas along with members of the Homewood PD.  All in all search teams were on the ground for four days.  Although Nadia was not found on this search, many places were eliminated as possible areas of her whereabouts.  In addition more leads were generated and the Homewood PD are aggressively following up on them.


Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances, my family and I were unable to attend this search but our hearts were with the those who volunteered their efforts and resources to find her.  Nadia has left us with a void in our hearts that no one else can fill.  We face each day in unbelief that she is still missing.  It’s difficult for us to believe that our grandson is without his mother…he needs her, he needs his mom, he needs Nadia.  And so we continue in our efforts to find her. 


We’d like to thank our dear friend, Laura for taking the time to visit the command center on Friday of the search and express our gratitude for all the volunteers who came out to search for Nadia.  Our gratefulness and appreciation goes out to the searchers and their families who gave of themselves to help us find our beloved daughter, Nadia.  We miss her more than words can say.


If there is anyone who has additional information on her whereabouts please come forward and speak with the Homewood PD.  Their tip line is (205) 332-6262.  Please call and help us find Nadia.  With recent contributions from the State of Alabama and Barber’s Dairy of Homewood, AL the reward monies for information leading to her whereabouts has increased to $45,000.


Mear words cannot thank those who have come forward with information.  Every bit adds another piece to the puzzle of where Nadia is.  Thank you on behalf of our entire family.


In His Name,

Nancy Kersh


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