Happy 24th Birthday Nadi!!!

 Mother & Daughter

Hello Nadi,

Happy 24th birthday wherever you are!  We want you to know you have been on our minds constantly since you disappeared last November.  Mom and Pop are doing all we can to find you and many people have come forward to help us in our search.  We want you to know there are a lot of people looking for you, hoping and praying we will find you soon.  Folks from all over the world have sent their well wishes, hope and support. 

I’ve come across many people who tell me about how happy you were working at the market and how you were always so positive and willing to help others.  It’s warms my heart to hear those things about you and makes me miss you even more.  No one could be more proud of you than your father and I.

I want you to know the family has come up with $10,000 to put toward the reward monies to help find you.  The Homewood Police Department announced it yesterday.  We’re hoping someone will step forward and fill in the few remaining pieces of the puzzle we need to find you.  The police said they feel pretty certain they know who was behind your disappearance and they have a lot of evidence to support their theory.  I’m not sure how you came to be involved with folks that would want to do something wrong to you.  After all these months it’s still hard for me to imagine anything has happened to you.  I keep thinking it’s all a dream and that you’ll appear and everything will be fine. 

Mom and Pop didn’t realize how urgent your situation was when you told us you wanted to come home and start over.  We thought we had plenty of time to plan a move.  We were wrong and for that I’m so sorry.  We didn’t know you needed to leave Alabama right away. 

We’d love to be able to talk to you about your little man but given the sensitivity of the circumstances we can’t do that yet.  Just know we are doing all we can to give him a brighter future.

Nadi, we want you to remember the Lord will take care of things here for you while you are away.  It will all be okay.  Do you remember the words to the song your cousin David sang?   It went like this: Good Night, Sweetheart, sleep tight wherever you are.  God hold you in His arms when we’re apart.  Though you’re far away your love will stay tucked away here in my (our) heart.  Good Night, Sweetheart.  Sleep tight wherever you are.

Happy Birthday Nadi!!!

Love you,

Mom, Pop, Ryan, John and Charlize                                                                                                       

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