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I am Nadia’s brother, John.  I am 8 years old and I want to write somethings about my sister, Nadia.  Nadia disappeared on November 3, 2008.  We have not seen her since then.

I hope Nadia comes home soon.  I don’t know where she is.  I hope she knows how much we love her and wish she can come home to us.  We miss her.  If Nadia came home I would give her a great big hug.

Nadia is a very nice sister.  She played hide and seek with me and read me books when I was little. I miss spending time with her.

We have been searching for her in Alabama for a long time.  That’s where she went missing.  My mom told me there are dog search teams looking for her. 

If I was Nadia I would call my family to come and help me or I would call the police department.  If I could go down to Alabama I would search for her because I love her and I miss her.  To everyone, please help me find my sister, Nadia.  Please help us find her. 

My mom says someone called Homewood Police Department’s tip line in December last year and left some information about Nadia but they didn’t leave their phone number.  Can that person please call the Homewood Police Department again?  Their number is (205) 332-6363.  Please call this number and talk to the police so we can find Nadia.  We hope we find her soon.

Thank you very much for reading this.  Maybe you can help us find Nadia.

John Kersh

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  1. Angiec says:

    Dear John

    My name is Angie and I live in Alabama. I wanted to let you know that your letter for your sister Nadia was very nice. Your sister is very lucky to have you as a brother.

    John, I also want you to know that there are a lot of people here in Alabama that will do anything they can to help find your sister. Some of us did not know Nadia, but, we have grown to love her because of the nice things that you and your family tell us about her.

    Please know that people are working very hard to find Nadia. I don’t want you to worry about that. You just keep telling people about her and you keep praying for her. We will do the rest. I know you live far away and you probably wish you were here to help, but, that’s not what you are suppose to do. Someone else is suppose to do that for you, and they are. You have my word on this.

    You keep writing to us and we’ll keep reading. And yes, John, I believe Nadia knows just how much you love her. Everyone can tell how much you love your big sister.

    God Bless You

  2. Susan says:

    To John and the rest of Nadia’s family,

    John, I know it is easy to get discouraged, I am an adult with a friend who has been missing for 7 months now her name is Kelley Henderson Howard and I too get discouraged sometimes. I think it is the love we feel that makes us so impatient. I have every faith that we will both find our missing loved ones and I am sure that where ever Nadia is she is so thankful for your love and support, I am sure that she feels it! John, I hope you will pray for my missing friend and I will continue to pray for Nadia and you and your family. Keep the faith John!

    Much Love and Support,
    Susan Nierling

  3. Joey says:

    Hello John,

    My name is Joey Kingman and I live in Australia. It is a big country far away from America, full of kangaroos and koalas. I am married with 2 children of my own, and my daughter is the same age as you, John.

    I did not know your precious sister Nadia, but I have heard so many wonderful things about her, what a special girl she is!
    I think Nadia is so very lucky to have such a warm, loving family, and a very nice brother like you.

    I have read your letter, John. I want you to know that I have told many, many people here in Australia about Nadia. We say prayers for her and your family every night, and my children pray for her to be found also. Every second week I visit a local church where I can sit with our Lord and pray for Nadia, and I light candles for her too.

    John, I want you to know that people around the world are always thinking of Nadia, and we wish for her to be found soon! We are all feeling so much pain and everyone in Alabama is doing their very best to locate her. She will never be forgotten by anyone.

    In the meantime John, make sure you always talk to Mom and Dad about your feelings, and remember that wherever Nadia is, she loves you so much!
    Keep praying to our Lord and He will help ease your pain.

    You are not alone, John. We are all working so hard, and every time we think of Nadia, we smile!

    With big hugs and kisses,
    and every blessing from our Lord,

    Joey in Australia XXXXOOOO

  4. valgal820 says:


    Thank you for sharing your feelings. I know you miss Nadia so much! What a wonderful brother you are! (I’ve seen your work in action!) I wish that I was closer to help you and your family more. Please know that we care and are praying for you and Nadia.

    Nate’s Mommy,

    Ms. Valorie

  5. annah0617 says:


    I am SO impressed with what a wonderful young man you are!!! Your letter is sure to help heal many–including you and the rest of your family, and the many others who loved Nadia.

    You are a brave and patient young man–with a big heart–and a very intelligent mind–I’m sure your letter will touch so many hearts, as it has mine. 🙂 I know you are an incredible source of strength to your parents–and your other sister–you sure are a strong young man–I know your family loves you so very much! Thank you, John, for humbling my heart with your sweet letter–I’m sure it was hard for you to write that, but it was absolutely beautiful. I live in Alabama–and I didn’t know Nadia, but I’ve grown to love her as well as you and your entire family–there aren’t many people out there like your family–and that includes YOU! 🙂

    We won’t give up trying to find her, John–I hope it brings you just a little bit of peace to know that there are many, I’m sure yourself included, who pray for Nadia and your family often. Don’t ever forget your Heavenly Father is ever aware of you–He knows your heart, and He will help you to be happy…I believe He has already blessed you with an amazing amount of strength!!!

    Don’t give up on us….by “us” I mean the many, many people who won’t stop fighting for your family to ALL be together again!!!

    Thanks again–you just made my day! I hope you are having a good time in school and whatever else you may be interested in. My daughter, who is just a couple of years older than you, just started taking classes in Fencing–its really neat! I’m sure you have several hobbies and interests–it is my prayer that those things help you to stay happy and hopeful. You are a very special young man, and you, too, are very loved by us here in Alabama! 🙂

    Much love,

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