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Hello everyone,

I’d first like to thank everyone who responded to our son, John’s letter last month.  For those of you who don’t know John is eight years old and misses his sister, Nadia very much.  He’s been doing all he knows how to do to help find her.  Last month he decided to write a letter to the public to let you all know how he feels.  Many letters in response came pouring in.  He was overwhelmed by the number of people who sent him emails and he took care to respond to each of them.    Thank you all for writing him. Your thoughtful gestures have warmed his heart.  

Our daughter, Nadia has been missing 16 months today.  It’s so hard to believe she has been away so long…so long away from us…so long away from her son now almost 2 and 1/2 years old (almost 1 and 1/2 years since he’s seen his mommy).   

Private, professional searches continue in Alabama for Nadia and we couldn’t be more thankful.

Homewood Alabama Police Department (PD) are following up on leads to Nadia’s whereabouts as they continue to come in.  We’re so grateful to the people who have made the call to the Homewood PD with information about Nadia.  

Someone called the Homewood PD hotline last December with significant credible information about Nadia’s case. However, the caller did not leave their contact information for the police to speak with them.  As a grieving family we call upon you once again to PLEASE call the Homewood PD again at (205)332-6363.  The police need to speak to you.  The lead detective in Nadia’s case is Doug Finch.  We all need your piece of the story to find Nadia and we need your information to bring her home…we miss her terribly and our grandson desperately needs his mommy.  PLEASE call (205) 332-6363.

After a number of failed attempts over the years we finally located Nadia’s Russian sister, Svetlana in Russia.  Nadia always spoke fondly of her and felt closest to her of all her Russian siblings.  Svetlana is aware Nadia is missing and has a son.  Sadly, we had hoped our contact with her would’ve carried happier news.

The “person of interest” in Nadia’s case continues to be the main focus of the Homewood PD.  It is our belief that others may have contributed to her disappearance as well by exploiting her naivety, good nature and trustworthiness. 

Given all, we call upon you once again to help us find Nadia.  If you have any information please either call the Homewood PD at (205) 332-6363 or contact us through this website.  We desperately need your help.

Thank you everyone as we continue our search for Nadia and press for a better future for our grandson.

In His love,

Nancy Kersh

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