Happy 25th Nadia!

Hello everyone,

We celebrated Nadia’s 25th birthday last weekend at Vulcan Park, Birmingham, Alabama, approximately two miles from where she disappeared on 3 November 2008.  About 25 people came to help us celebrate including family, friends and professional search team members.  We rode the elevator to the top of the tower in Vulcan Park and released 25 balloons each with a card with Nadia’s information attached.  They soared high in the sky and will eventually land in parts unknown. Later we all got together at O’Henry’s Cafe to sing Happy Birthday and enjoy Nadia’s birthday cake. 

As a family we wish to thank all those who came out in honor of Nadia’s birthday.  We’d also like to recognize a number of businesses who contributed to her birthday celebration.

  • TransAmerica Printing for donating over 50 laminated cards with Nadia’s information printed on both sides.  These were attached to her birthday balloons when they were released.
  • Inflations and Invitations for donating 25 lovely white birthday balloons.
  • O’Henry’s Cafe for donating a delicious chocolate birthday cake.
  • Lamar Advertising for displaying her picture and information on a number of billboards in the Birmingham, Alabama and Montgomery, Alabama areas.
  • Fox 6, NBC 13 and CBS 42 for airing her story and keeping it alive. (please see blogroll)

We’re honored and humbled at the support we have received from the Alabama community, other states, Europe, Eastern Asia and Australia.  You all mean a great deal to us.  We’re blessed to know you and to have you by our side as we continue our search for our daughter, Nadia.

His Love to you all,


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  1. Jill in VA says:

    Happy 25th Nadia! Nancy, you look fantastic in the news clips – I think being closer to Nadia has done you well ! We miss you and the kids here in Virginia! Many Hugs and Prayers for your family from us!!!

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