Missing Nadia

Hello everyone,

Thank you all for your kind words and supportive emails as we continue our search for our daughter, Nadia. 

Last month we celebrated her 25th birthday with a balloon release from Vulcan Park in Birmingham, Alabama.  On each balloon we attached Nadia’s information and the Homewood, AL police department’s phone number (205) 332-6262 for information leading to her whereabouts.  We know there are people who know what happened to Nadia when she disappeared on 3 November 2008.  We know you know and we’re waiting for you to come forward.  Whatever is causing you to withhold information, please cast that aside and try to envision her as your missing sister or your missing daughter. 

We continue to move forward in our efforts to bring our grandson (Nadia’s son) home to his family.  He has been separated from us for a long time.  If you have information you think might help us, please feel free to contact us at this website.

Thank you all for your kind words and prayers as we try and bring some closure for our family.

In His love,

Nancy for all

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