As We Go On

Hello everyone,

It’s been 22 months since Nadia disappeared from Homewood, Alabama and we’ve been separated from her son.  We’ve since relocated to Alabama to be nearer to where Nadia went missing and in hopes of bringing our grandson home to us…the only family he has.  Due to legal complications we have not yet been able to bring him home and so our family separation continues.  I don’t believe law-makers at the time had our family’s scenario in mind when they established laws regarding family unity and preservation.  It is a situation we hope today’s law-makers will address to prevent this kind of separation and needless worry from happening again to other families. 

Searches for Nadia continue as professional volunteers follow-up on leads. We will press on as long as there is support from the community and leads continue to come in.  Volunteer professionals carry on unnamed so that they can work more effectively and efficiently to find Nadia and bring her home.  We have a great deal of respect for them for they are some of the most dedicated individuals we’ve come to know. 

Thank you all for standing by us as we move forward in our search of Nadia and in our actions to bring her son home (something she had planned to do 22 months ago).  Any information that would help us bring closure, please feel free to contact us through this website.

In Christ,

Nancy for all

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