Hello everyone,

Several issues in Nadia’s story have remained constant and have caused confusion to those of you who are following her story.  First I’d like to clarify that we are Nadia’s only family in Alabama.  There has been some confusion about that and we’d like to set it straight.   As a simple guide, if someone living in Alabama does not at least have the last name of Kersh, they are not related to Nadia and are not part of her/our family. 

In addition, Nadia’s closest friend lives in Texas.  Her name is Jackie.  She has known Nadia for many years and was devastated when she heard she went missing on 3 November 2008.  She’s been a great support to us from afar as we continue to look for our beloved daughter and her dear friend.

And the search continues.  Professional volunteers continue to search for Nadia as leads continue to come in. and since our last posting even more people have come forward to lend their expertise in hopes of finding her.  We are so thankful to all of you who have come forward to offer your talents, your support and your kind words.

Even with so many people coming forward in the search for Nadia, we remain burdened with tremendous sadness.  We miss Nadia terribly with all our hearts but we’re also heartbroken over our continued separation from her son (our grandson).  We miss him more than anyone can imagine.  He was only one year old when Nadia disappeared and he became separated from us.  Since then he must remain with someone who is not family and has been growing up with their family.  We love and miss him so much and wish he could be here with us.  Nadia’s extended family, her grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins and the rest of the family have been waiting almost two years to meet him.  Our efforts continue to try and bring him home to us, the only family he has.  As Nadia would want it to be and as it should be.

Thank you to all who continue to support us in many ways in our search for Nadia and in our efforts to bring our grandson home. Nadi would be proud.  I look at her and our grandson’s pictures everyday and relive how different things would’ve been if she had been able to make the flight home for Thanksgiving week 2008.  For now I say we love you both with all our hearts and wish you were here.

All our love Nadi to you and your little man.  We miss you both terribly.  To our grandson,  Happy Birthday baby from afar.  All our love,  Grandma

To everyone else,

Heartfelt thanks for staying by our side during this difficult time. 

In His love,

Nancy for all

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