Nadia Missing 11 Months Today

Nadia Running at Rio Grande

Hello Everyone,

It’s so very hard to believe it has been 11 months now since Nadia has disappeared.  Each day we wake up and are reminded that she is not here.  We all miss her so much! 

I will tell you that amidst the pain of not being able to see her, to touch her and tell her that we love her, it warms my heart to know searches for her continue yet again this month.  We’re extremely grateful to those who dedicate their time to search and the Homewood Police Department for their diligent support in these efforts.  We will find you Nadia, in time we will!  It is the greatest gift we can give your little man…that is to find his Mommy.

The Homewood Police Department have followed up on leads…each adding another piece to the overall puzzle of what happened to Nadi.  They are still waiting for lab results to arrive from the FBI lab in Quantico, VA.  I was once told, “Homewood does not give up (on a case) no matter how long it takes.” and I can see that to be true.   

In August we took part in a great event to acknowledge missing persons. It was a spiritual experience just to take in and realize the number of people (close to 100) in the Birmingham, Alabama area alone who have been reported missing, unidentified or missing/victims of crime. The images of the vast number of posters set up in Oak Mountain Park on 19 August representing each affected individual still haunts me.  Each day as we lift up our prayers to the Lord we hold those loved ones close in our hearts.  

Next month is the one year anniversary of Nadia’s disappearance and we’ve been invited to take part in a remembrance for her.  It is tentatively scheduled for 3 November at 6pm in Soho Plaza outside City Hall in Homewood, Alabama.  It’s difficult for us to think so much time has already gone by and there is still no sign of Nadia.  Our greatest hope is that we will find her before then. 

Nadi,  We’re trying to find Svetlana to let her know what has happened to you.  It’s time and I know you would want her to know.

Thank you all for staying with us as we continue to search for our daughter.  Our healing will never be complete without seeing her or knowing where she is. 

The Lord’s blessings to all of you.

Kevin, Nancy, Ryan, John and Charlize Kersh  

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